QGMA Shot Blasting Machine

QGMA is a high-tech enterprise combining state of the art technologies to manufacturing and sales of shot blasting machine, sandblasting room, CNC turret punch press, and provides all-round blasting solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

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Why choose our shot blasting machine

QGMA was established at 1975. It has more than 40 years of experience in the shot blasting machine manufacturer industry, manufacturing more than 4500 shot blasting machine and sandblasting room at the leading level in the industry. The shot blasting machine is used for the finish blasting of work pieces or to roughen work pieces surface for subsequent coating.

Our company have our advantages for your reference:

  1. The workmanship and materials of the shot blasting machine are all adopt the advanced Japanese technology ,which is more durable than others
  2. The shot blasting chamber is protected by the special materials guard board and sheath to prevent sand blasting .
  3. Abrasive cleaning

Step one cleaning: the high speed projectile hitting the surface of the parts, making them deform locally and producing three distinct layers of structure

Step two blow: high pressure blower will blow off abrasive and dust

  1. The PLC control system is jointly developed and researched by our company and Italian engineers with more intelligent operation and more accurate instructions
  2. We adopt the most advanced adjustable full curtain & multistage winnowing separator
  3. The machine use inertia settlement chamber plus pulse reverse blow bag type and filter cartridge type dust collector
  4. Without welding equipment ,the chamber can be shipped as a whole
  5. Timely delivery, commissioning and installation of equipment can be arranged

QGMA will  bring you the best products, the best after sales service, so that you have no worries. We adheres to the concept of efficient, intelligent, creative, environmental protection and compatible product development, insist on the strategy of brand operation, to create a diverse and comprehensive blasting equipment line. We also focuses on sustainable development, can better serve future customers. Your satisfaction is our unremitting pleasure.