QGMA’s mission is to serve the world industry with the traditional pragmatic spirit of China.

Qingdao Seth machinery is an experienced manufacturer of wheel blast and air blast machines.

With a factory of 23,000 , 100+ workers, 22 engineers and service team of 10, Qingdao Seth Machinery has the capability of innovation, producing, testing and installation assisting to the industry of whole world.


Combining high cleanness, safety, low noise, long serve time and low energy cost, our basting machines have won high satisfaction from customers of more than 50 countries.


Qingdao Seth machinery was founded as a branch company of QGMA group, a share limited company founded by multiple shareholders. Main business include: shot blasting and sand blasting surface treatment machines, CNC, car parking systems, etc.



Qingdao Seth machinery is specialized in the surface treatment, but we care more: long serve time, safety, energy-saving, environment-friendly. To do so, Qingdao Seth insist on high standards in hundreds of details. We are reliable because we care MORE THAN SURFACE.