Abrasive Cleaning Up system on Shot Blasting Machine

Abrasive cleaning up system is a important parts on roller conveyor shot blasting machine.

After blasting work, it will have abrasive cover the workpiece, that will affect the blast cleaning effect, and will affect painting it. So it need a system to remove the abrasive, that is abrasive cleaning up system.

roller brush 2

The abrasive cleaning up system is equipped with a set of wear-resistant nylon roller brush, a pill coil and high pressure blower, a pill coil and high pressure blower. After shot blasting when the steel plate passes through the cleaning room, the roller brush can roll in the best position (make the roller brush contact with the work piece), Rolling and rotating, sweeping the left pills on work piece surface into the pill screw, The pill is transported to the lower room for circulation, and the wear-resistant roll brush not only can clean the steel plate, but also can clean all kinds of steel (angle steel, channel steel, T steel, H steel, etc.). Especially for H steel, its role is more prominent. After the work piece rolling brush cleaning, then use high-pressure pipe (driven by high pressure fan) continue to clean scattered pellets and dust on the surface, make the surface leaving less pellets and impurities, in order to improve the adhesion of the film.

The key component nylon roll brush has the following advantages: high elasticity and phi 3.5mm imported composite nylon material, moderate hardness, great elasticity and good wear resistance. Service life over 3500 hours.

Brush hair clip is firm, with special tooling to brush hair woven into a block, no brush off work phenomenon.

After the whole nylon roller is installed, the spindle head ensures the coaxially. Good dynamic balance and smooth workroller brush 1

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