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All kind of sand blasting machine detailed introduction

Sand blasting machine are using to rust, corrosion removal, smooth the rough surfaces of metals and non metals. Sand blasting machine are using to clean or shape a surface using sand material known as abrasive which is propelled using high pressure typically through compressed air or blast wheel. Sand Blasting Machine are many types such as Portable Sand blasting machine, Sand Blasting Cabinet, Blast Room, Automatic Sand Blasting Machines.

Sand Blasting Machine are low cost with best quality are ready stock to available. We are the largest sand blasting machine manufacturer in India, (Rajasthan, Jodhpur). Sand Blasting Machine are :

Portable Sand Blasting Machine

Portable Sand Blasting Machine are using for small and medium sized industries as Paint Transformer Manufacturing Companies, Pipe Manufacturer, Casting Manufacturers, Glass making companies, Automobile industry, Powder coating industry and many more.

Portable sandblasting machine using many type of abrasives. Portable sand blaster are classified according to their capacity and cleaning rate.

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Sand blasting Cabinet are using for cleaning of  medium and small sized jobs as  mild steel , stainless steel, glass, handicrafts, wood, casting and mould. Sandblasting can also be using for change the condition of a components surface, as removing scratches or casting, moulds marks. Sandblasting Cabinet are using for Etching and Engraving of glass and granites. sandblasting Cabinet are two types according to their shapes and size. :

Small Sand blasting Cabinet

In  smallsand blasting cabinet : small casted and fabricated components, broken chargers, small castings, related components such as cylinder, automobile components, turbochargers, Small cabinets can be classifies as small sand blasting cabinet & mini sand blasting cabinet.

Large Sandblasting Cabinet

Large Sand Blasting Cabinet are using for large components as rod, casting, mould, granite, fabricated items. shots can be control automatic recycling and dust from the control sand blasting cabinet dust collector. This dust collector capacity depend on size of sand blast cabinets.

How does a sandblasting cabinet work

Sand blasting cabinet is mostly a closed system that allows the operator to blasting the part and recycle the abrasives,  This is mostly consists of four components; the sand blasting cabinet, the abrasive blasting system, the sand blasting cabinet dust collector and the grit recovery & recycling system..

Operator’s can perform sand blasting operation from outside of sand blasting cabinet. Operators by placing his arms in gloves attached to holes on the cabinet, viewing the part through a vision glass, Foot switch are using to turning the blast operation on and off.

Sand Blasting Cabinet are three different principles as pressure, suction & wet.

Pressure Sand blasting Cabinet

In pressure sand blasting cabinet the abrasives is stored in the sealed pressure vessel. The pressure vessel  is pressurized to the same pressure as the hose attached to the bottom of the pressure vessel. The abrasives is metered into the hose and transferred by the compressed air through the sandblast nozzle.

Suction Blasting Cabinet

A Suction blasting cabinet are using compressed air to create vacuum in Y gun. The negative pressure sucks the abrasives into the blasting Y gun where the compressed air directs the abrasive through a sandblast nozzle. The abrasive mixture transfer through a nozzle that directs the particles toward the component surface.

Wet Sand blast Cabinet

Our Wet blasting cabinet are using a system that injects the abrasive & water slurry into a compressed air stream. Wet blasting cabinet is general used when the heat developed by friction in dry blasting would damage the part. Wet Blasting Cabinet mostly used in oil and grease remove from components, good finish develop on stainless steel etc.

Sandblasting Booth

Dust collectors are using for dust collecting during sandblasting in blast room. Portable sand blasting machine is placed outside of Sandblasting booth and operator can do abrasive blasting inside chamber by sandblasting hose. Portable sandblasting machine is automatically on off by remote control and deadman handle in Sandblasting booth.

Recovery System is two types- mechanical recovery system and vaccum recovery, In vacuum recovery the compressed air is used for transfer abrasive and In automatic recovery system during abrasive, sand blasting abrasive falls down in screw conveyor and then abrasive is transferred in bucket elevator, bucket elevator separate usable abrasive and non usable by abrasive separator, Usable abrasive fall down in sand blasting hopper and this process will again and again.

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