Application of shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine for workpiece cleaning is a use of the centrifugal force of shot blasting machine will be shot 78m/s high-speed distance projection to the workpiece surface, the process is not subject to the size, shape, and weight of the workpiece to be cleaned, instead of the traditional chemical rust.

The kinds of shot blasting machine has a lot of, such as through type shot blasting machine, hanging type shot blasting machine, crawler shot blasting machine, rotating table shot blasting machine and roller conveyor shot blasting machine, the principle of the shot blasting machine is to make the wheel motor work, make its rotation, and then projection into the workpiece, by the action of centrifugal force, through continuous collision and grinding, the workpiece more wonderful, the life of the workpiece can be improved. Basically most of the areas related to machinery will be used.

Shot blasting machine will be shot from a long distance to the surface of the workpiece collectively known as shot blasting cleaning. It includes: shot blasting to the casting with sand, emoving the shot blasting sand of molding sand and molding core; shot blasting to the casting, forging, welding and heat-treated parts to remove the black skin, nodulation, oxide film, rust spots, etc.; shot blasting to the steel plate and various H-shaped steel surface and other parts, after the shot blasting machine eliminates the stress of the workpiece, which is very good for the subsequent anti-corrosion process. The spring, plate spring and gear bearing variable stress were strengthened, and the shot blasting was strengthened to eliminate stress and improve surface fatigue strength. the surface of decorative parts or tableware of household appliances is enhanced color by shot blasting. However, in terms of process classification, shot blasting is only a kind of cleaning process for the purpose of removing casting, forging, welding and heat-treated parts. which is the concept of shot blasting. And for the projectiles shot to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of the relevant process, it is directly named with its process requirements, such as: shot blasting sand, shot blasting strengthening, shot blasting color, in order to be different from shot blasting cleaning process.

When the parts are shot blasted, the equipment that can make the parts continuously change the cleaned surface in the shot flow to achieve uniform distribution of shot is called shot peening equipment, or shot peening equipment. Due to the variety of cleaned parts, there are many types of shot blasting equipment. The shot blasting equipment of a certain specification and model is only suitable for the removal of internal parts within the corresponding range. The professional equipment is suitable for one kind of component.


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