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Cylinder hanger type shot blasting machine

After the cylinders are used, the cylinder surface will corrosion more serious. If don’t clean it on time, the rust will corrode the surface of the cylinder and can reduce the service life . So the hanger type shot blasting machine is the best solution to clean the surface of the cylinders. The hanger type […]

Mesh belt shot blasting machine for wheel rim

The wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is a new type of special equipment designed and manufactured according to user requirements. It is a functional shot blasting equipment for cleaning dishes, sheets, castings, body, and structural parts. It can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of steel and castings in the original state to […]

Bicycle parts hanger type shot blasting machine

In recent years ,shot blasting machine become more and more popular  in the surface preparation industry. The machine is widely used in casting, building, chemical, electrical, machine tools and other industries, small casting, forgings surface cleaning or strengthening. And the model is suitable for collision of thin, thin-walled parts cleaning. Shot blasting is a technological […]

The hanger type shot blasting machine characteristic

As we all know ,the hanger type shot blasting machine is one of the most flexible and most widely used machine. What are the characteristics, processing flow and structure function of the hanger type shot blasting machine? Let’s learn together: The features of hanger type shot blasting machine This machine have two type :single hook […]

Crawler shot blasting machine for casting spare parts

Shot blasting is a method by which excellent cleaning and surface treatment can be obtained for secondary finishing operations. The crawler shot blasting machine is used to the high speed rotate impeller projected the steel shot to the work piece .It can be used to clean cast ,forged and welded parts to remove sand , […]

Sandblasting room for Submarine shell

A blasting room is a much larger version of a blast cabinet. Blast operators work inside the room to roughen, smooth, or clean surfaces of an item depending on the needs of the finished product. Blast rooms and blast facilities come in many sizes, some of which are big enough to accommodate very large or […]

Casting rubber belt shot blasting machine

Tumble belt shot blasting machine is a high-strength wear-resistant rubber crawler or manganese steel crawler to load workpieces. It uses a high-speed rotating impeller to throw the projectile onto the workpiece in the chamber to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is suitable for sand cleaning, rust removal, scale removal and surface strengthening of small […]