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Guide to Design and Build a Sandblasting Room

Sandblasting room is a kind of machine that can make various abrasives (silica sand, iron sand, steel shot, etc.) sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece with the help of air pressure. Rust, paint, scale, etc. According to the injection method, it is divided into self-priming and press-in type. Because the press-in type mixes the […]

Cylinder diabolo shot blasting machine

Cylinder shot blasting machine is mainly used to clean the surface of the surface of steel cylinders of various diameters. It can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the steel in the original state to remove the rust and rust layer and its oxide scale on it to obtain a certain degree smooth […]

How to operate the sandblasting room correctly

 What are the safe operating procedures for sandblasting rooms and sandblasters? The following is a detailed description of these two aspects of knowledge. Among them, the safety operating procedures of the sandblasting room are divided into several parts, including inspection, sanding, sandblasting, sandblasting, shutdown and other parts before starting up. Hope The following introductions will […]

How does sandblasting room complete the rust removal

The main feature of the sandblasting room is that the operator is indoors during the blasting process. The protective clothing and helmet can prevent the operator from being impacted by abrasives, and the ventilation device provides fresh air to the operator through the helmet. The blasting room is mainly used for large parts or using […]