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The maintenance of shot blasting machine

Any equipment will be consumed as long as they are used. As a representative of self-harm equipment , maintenance of shot blasting machine is very important. If not maintained on time, the life of the shot blasting machine will be greatly shortened. This will also increase the number of the times the workpiece is handled, […]

How to install shot blasting machine dust collector

Pulse dust collector refers to removing the dust attached the filter medium(bag or filter cartridge)by blowing compressed air. According to the size of the pulse dust collector there  may be several sets of pulse valves which are controlled by a pulse controller or PLC, open one set of pulse valves at a time to remove […]

Most practical shot blasting machine–overhead rail shot blasting machine

Overhead rail shot blasting machines can provide services in many different production areas, e.g. foundries and forges. Hanger type blast cleaning machines offer ideal conditions for effective and economical blast cleaning. The use of hangers allows for the reliable and economical blast cleaning of components, from small to very large workpieces. The machine can be easily and smoothly […]

Stone shot blasting machine assembly and testing photos at our workshop for our Turkey customers.

Near the Chinese New Year, the assembly and testing of a stone shot blasting machine has just been completed in our factory. This stone shot blasting machine is mainly equipped with the following configuration: 1. This stone shot blasting machine is equipped with 6 shot blasting machines, which are distributed around the blasting chamber, Which […]

Abrasive Recovery and cleaning system for sandblasting room

Recirculation and cleaning the abrasive shot is required to maintain a consistent cleaning operation.  In conventional shot blasting equipment after the shot hits the part the abrasive falls into the collection hopper under the machine. The shot is then carried by gravity or screw conveyor to a bucket elevator. The elevator carries the shot, removed […]

Operating cost elements – wheel and airblast systems

Primary heads – Wheelblast Electricity (total connected load x cost of power) Media consumption / replenishment (total media flow x breakdown rate) Cost of wheel parts – wheel parts Cabinet and other component wear – liners, bearings, elevator belt & buckets, dust collector cartridges etc. Wear on work handling arrangement components – table, rollers, belts […]

Process parameters affecting blast quality

Initial condition of the component – material and contamination Velocity of abrasive Size (and shape) of abrasive Hardness of abrasive Blast wheel location Travel speed of part through the machine (cycle time / exposure time) Follow the path of abrasive: Regular inspection is essential Commonly blamed on the manufacturer Quality of machine manufacture (cabinet design, […]

Wheel parts and hot spots

Wheel Elements: Hot Spot: Power Requirement of Wheel and Air systems For abrasive flow of 2100 Lbs per minute 21 operators ½” nozzles Compressed air consumption 350ft³/min per nozzle Compressor power 1400 kW OR 4 wheels 20 HP each 80 HP (60 KW) Energy factor 24 !!! Advantages: •    Velocity of shot easily controlled through […]