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What material is used for shot blasting

The shot blasting machine needs metal abrasives to work together in the shot blasting work, both are essential. The most commonly used materials on metal surfaces are abrasives. They are sharp and hard materials used to grind softer surfaces. They are mechanical surface metal treatment materials. Abrasives can be divided into metal abrasives and non-metal […]

What is sandblasting room?

Sandblasting room is called sandblasting booth, it is suitable for cleaning the surface of medium and large components, non-regularly and batch processing workpieces to clean oxide scale and rust, which also can increase the adhension between workpiece and coating. Sandblasting room is designed according to customers productions requirements. The machine is used for metal surface […]

What is meaning of shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is use the high speed rotating impeller and under the action of centrifugal force to throw the steel shot with high-speed to the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, when the steel shot hit on the workpiece surface, the surface stress of the workpiece will be eliminated and the hardness […]

The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

The roller conveyor pass through shot blasting machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly, deoxidizing, cleaning and pre-treating various steel materials, such as steel plates, steel materials, steel beams, section steels, steel pipes and steel castings, in a continuous way. The operation is simple, just load the steel material on the machine, press the start button, […]

Rubber belt shot blasting machine delivery to Europe

Recently QGMA Group has successfully delivery 4 sets rubber belt shot blasting machine to Europe. Those machines with one 11 Kw wheel blast turbine, the diameter of desk is Φ1000, the max loading capacity is 600 Kg. Customer use this machine to clean the casting. Tumble belt shot blasting machine can blast 500kg workpieces at […]

Spear parts of shot blasting machine

As we all know, spare parts is the most important parts of the shot blasting machine. The quality of the pare parts will decided the shot blasting machine service life, maintenance cost and blast processing cost. So the spare parts with good quality will generate profit for customers, on the contrary the poor quality spare […]

Routine maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

roller conveyor type shot blasting machine is the most environment-friendly and the most effective process to remove all forms of rust and corrosion materials from steel plate, pipes, steel structure, h beams, steel tube, profiles, steel angles and channels, etc. The material used by the roller conveyor shot blasting machine is usually use steel plates, […]

Shot blasting machine blasting turbines angle importance

Shot blasting machine in mechanical work, its main role is to blast clean. The blasting turbines is the core of the shot blasting machine. The blasting turbines contains impeller, eight blades, control cage, abrasive distributor, hood guard plate, side guard plate, front/rear guard plate and feed spout. If you found have part wear is serious, […]

Turn table shot blasting machine working principle

Turn table shot blasting machine also named as rotary shot blasting machine, is mainly suitable for the production of surface cleaning of small and medium-sized workpieces, and can be applied to engine connecting rods, gears, diaphragm springs, etc. Rotary shot blasting machine refers to the use of shot blasting to clean up the rust and […]