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Truck scale shot blasting machine

Truck scale shot blasting machine is a tunnel type shot blasting and anti-corrosion machine which can remove the dust and scale on the surface. Qinggong Machinery as a professional shot blasting machine manufacuturer will introduce some details about this kind of shot blasting machine. Introduction of the truck scale. Truck scale is also called weighbridge. […]

How to maintain shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine is mainly used for removing oxide coating, welding slag and dust, which can increase the adhesion of coating. So the shot blasting machine need to maintain after used. To maintain the shot blasting machine need to attention some points: The machine should be check before start to work every day. We […]

Container sandblasting room for aluminum part

Container sandblasting room, or container sandblasting booth, is uses a standard 20ft or 40ft shipping container for room body. The abrasive recovery system, air wash, blast pot and control circuitry are located in this room. The abrasive recovery system consists of a screw conveyor into which the operator sweeps the used abrasive into. A bucket elevator […]

Introduction of Paver stone shot blasting machine by QGMA

Paver stone shot blasting machine, also known as stone wool shot blasting machine, stone sanding machine, marble shot blasting machine. Mainly used for marble, stone plate, terrazzo coarsening. Furring. Anti-slip. Improved roughness. Suitable for various stone materials. Tile. Marble. Surface cleaning of floor tiles. It is also suitable for surface treatment of marble/granite and other […]

Steel shot used in shot blasting machine

As we all know that the abrasive of the shot blasting machine use is the steel shot. The steel shot projects out at a high speed to realize the effect of cleaning and strengthening the surface of the workpieces. However, we always neglected the use of the steel shot. Let’s talk in detail about it. […]

Brake disc hanger type shot blasting machine

The hanger type shot blasting machine is used in the surface treatment of large castings, forgings, weldments, heat treatment device, including the fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces. It is made for increasing roughness of surface and shot peening to raise fatigue strength. This type of machine is a kind of high efficiency shot blasting machine with […]

Catenary type shot blasting machine

The catenary type shot blasting machine is the best choice to clean the heavy amd complex shaped workpieces, such as castings, welded structures, forged and pressed parts, etc. It mostly used for continuous blasting cleaning, desanding and decoring in die casting industry as well for descaling, derusting and reconditioning in metal working industry. As we […]

Sandblasting room for Aluminum parts

Indoor sandblasting in a special sandblasting booth or sandblasting room, is an alternative to chemical stripping or outdoor blasting, and is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries.   The sandblasting room designed by QGMA can complete a wide range of blasting jobs for those big and irregular workpieces. QGMA has rich experience […]