Automatic reclaim sandblasting room for egyptian customer 2

Automatic reclaim sandblasting room for egyptian customer

QGMA Machinery has imported three sets of fully automatic reclaim sandblasting room to Egypt.  The sandblasting room size is 9m long, 6m wide and 4m high with scraper full automatic reclaim system. The scraper is a new type of recycled floor that uses pneumatic power and a steel frame trapezoidal arrangement to move the blasting medium. This scraper floor system does away the problem of jamming of metallic vanes. The scraper is formed by a natural rubber baffle facing the steel comb. Then, this component is connected with other components to form a corridor with the same length as the explosion-proof room..

Introduction of QGMA Machinery sandblasting room

The upper part of the scraper conveyor is a steel grille pedal (operator stands for use), which protects large objects from entering the scraper slot to damage the conveyor, and has good visual effects, easy to disassemble, and easy to repair the polyurethane scraper , Thereby reducing the failure rate.

The pneumatic device of the scraper conveyor is equipped with an induction detection device, which can detect the working status of the scraper reciprocating cycle. In the event of damage to the cylinder or failure of the compressed air circuit, as well as non-human failures in energy supply such as sudden reduction of compressed air pressure, the signal can be promptly fed back to the PLC for processing, and an alarm will be used to alert the operator to avoid continued sandblasting The entire conveying system is blocked by projectiles to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Automatic reclaim sandblasting room for egyptian customer 2

Sandblasting room composition

The scraper-type sandblasting room is a large-scale sandblasting room. The sandblasting (shot) room is composed of six major systems: workpiece handling system, sandblasting (shot) system, abrasive recycling system, abrasive sorting and recycling system, dust removal system and lighting system.

Scraper conveying projectiles has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and low failure rate. The key is that compared with large bin-type screw mechanical recycling, it can greatly reduce the height of the foundation and reduce the cost of civil construction.

Scraper type sandblasting room working principle

The abrasive is ejected from the blast gun and falls on the load-bearing grating floor of the blasting room. The longitudinal pulsating scraper pushes the abrasive, debris and dust into the screw conveyor, and the screw conveyor transports them to the bucket elevator After passing through the separator, the good abrasive re-enters the sandblasting machine, while the dust and debris will automatically fall into the dust collecting cylinder.

The scraper blasting room system can run any kind of abrasive (swinging bed shot blasting machine, inclined drum shot blasting machine).

Features of sandblasting room:

  • The scraper-type sandblasting room can run any kind of abrasive and has a wide range of applications.
  • The scraper blasting room consumes low power and saves energy.
  • The blasting room is easy to operate, install and maintain.
  • The blasting room is solid as a whole and has a long service life.
  • The blasting room is easy to expand.
  • The blasting room has low noise.
  • The shallow pit design of the scraper sandblasting room saves civil construction costs.

Automatic reclaim sandblasting room for egyptian customer 1

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