Brake disc hanger type shot blasting machine 1

Brake disc hanger type shot blasting machine

The hanger type shot blasting machine is used in the surface treatment of large castings, forgings, weldments, heat treatment device, including the fragile and irregularly shaped workpieces. It is made for increasing roughness of surface and shot peening to raise fatigue strength. This type of machine is a kind of high efficiency shot blasting machine with non-pit. And don’t need special request for the work piece structure, can be used for a wide range kind of workpieces.

Shot blasting machine is a non-standard machine, the parameters can be customized according client’s requirements. So, if have any need of shot blasting machine, please let us know the workpieces dimensions (L*W*H) and the capacity. Our engineering team will give the most professional blasting solution and best price according to your requirement.

Brake disc hanger type shot blasting machine 3

QGMA has rich experience of designing and producing all kinds of air blast and wheel blast machines. Let us introduce brake disc hanger type shot blasting machine to you:

Hanger type shot blasting machine is divided into a single hook or double hooks types, the alternately loads the workpiece into the blasting chamber by two hooks. When the machine is working, steel shot from wheel blast turbines full down to the bottom of the blasting chamber then the steel shot is transported to the bottom of the elevator by the screw conveyor, and then to the top of the separator by the elevator belt assembly respectively.

The purpose is to separate broken steel shot and dust from the shot blasting processing. Through the separator, qualified steel shot will come directly into the storage hopper above the blasting machine, and ready to be used again. Shattered steel shot will be separated again and dropped into the waste bag through the guide tube. Dust is directly sucked away by the dust collector fan and adsorbed in the filter dust collector; finally dust falls into the dust bag that needs to be cleaned up regularly.

Brake disc hanger type shot blasting machine 2

MORE THAN SURFACE is QGMA spirit, we are specialized in the surface treatment, but we care more: long serve time, safety, energy-saving, environment-friendly. If you want to more about our catenary type shot blasting machine, please visit our website or ask me.

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