Top 10 Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in Europe.

Top 10 Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in Europe.

Looking for the top shot blasting machine manufacturer in Europe? In this post, you will get enough information about the best Europe suppliers of shot blasting machine.

Top 10 Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in Europe.

Shot blasting machine is a surface treatment equipment that removes rust and oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece. Making use of high-speed rotating impellers (blast turbines) under the role of centrifugal force to throw steel shot/ steel grits to hit the surface of the parts at high speed, eliminate the stress and increase the hardness of the workpiece, to achieve the purpose of rust removal. Generally speaking, shot blasting equipment is suitable for the workpiece with regular shape, blast wheels are arranged in all directions of the shot blasting chamber according to the size and character of the material object which achieves steel shot completely cover the parts.

Before go to the list, let’s have a brief introduction. We are a leading shot blasting machine in China, any question about this product, feel free to contact us. We can provide the best price for your reference.


AGTOS provide users of turbine-wheel shot blasting technology (surface technology) with technologically high-grade, long-term and efficient solutions.


Around 20 years ago, a group of, in the most literal sense of the word, enterprising specialists established AGTOS. AGTOS is driven in our endeavours by a vision of achieving competence leadership in the area of turbine-wheel shot blasting technology. AGTOS mission statement and associated strategies are based on this vision. It is important for customers, suppliers and us that long-term partnerships be developed, and this is an approach we practice. AGTOS team has an enormous wealth of expertise in the areas of development, design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing of shot blasting systems and shot blasting machines. Their office is located at Gutenbergstrasse 14, 48282 Emsdetten.


OMSG was established in 1961 and since that time has proved itself to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of shot blast, shot-peening and machine systems. The range of their products is very large and serves a several fields of industries including: foundries of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, steel structural works, aluminum die- castings, forge, draw-plates, galvanizing treatment, hot forming and cold, particular in the oil & gas, liquid and compressed gas cylinders, etc.


OMSG is present worldwide with more than 5,500 shot blast machines installed in 86 Countries. Thanks to its Commercial network and of the Aftersales service and spare parts warehouses, we can ensure a quick and timely service worldwide. Their office is located at Via Pacinotti 52/52 A – 20035 – Villa Cortese (MI) – ITALY

3. Gostol tst 

Gostol TST is a world-known producer of shot blasting machines with knowledge and experience for more than 70 years. With representatives in more than 20 countries and companies in Russia, India and China, have good access to our customers and are able to provide them quick and reliable service.


Gostol TST machines comply with CE declaration and local directives of the country in which the machine is sold. Their products are customized to specific buyer’s requirements and details, are user friendly and very easy to operate. They work with world-renowned suppliers of built-in components that improve shot blasting process. In addition, Gostol TST shot blasting machines are assembled and tested before shipment, which increases the guarantee of high result for the customer. Their office is located at Čiginj 63, 5220 Tolmin, Slovenia.

4. GTV blast

Since 1991 GTV Blast design and manufacture equipment and technologies for surface preparation and coating.


The experience and proffesionality ensure extra high quality and reliability. GTV Blast company can offer not only the standard equipment, but also technological solutions based on individual clients needs. Production, developed in the industrial enterprise successfully increases productivity of the customer manufacturing not only in Lithuania, but also in various foreign countries. They offer installation service, constant maintenance, spare parts supply. Their office is located at Dubysos str. 11A, LT-47178 Kaunas, Lithuania.

5. Cogeim 

COGEIM EUROPE was established in 1970 and is currently a reference and leading company in the industrial sector of surface treatment by designing and manufacturing shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting installations for standard or special customised applications. COGEIM EUROPE is a long history leading company in the manufacturing of shot blasting equipments and has been supplying for over 40 years technological solutions to enterprises requiring surface treatment applications by producing shot blasting installations suitable to heavy duty applications while maintaining a high reliability and consistency of performance in the process of shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting equipments over time.


The choice of both national and international markets have appreciated is to not skimp on Quality, to choose the best staples, to perform all manufacturing activities in-house so that COGEIM EUROPE brand name may be a synonymous of sturdiness, reliability and innovation. Their office is located at Via Villapia, 9/11 20010 Casorezzo (MI) Italy


SIAPRO is an internationally recognized company which are present on the market for more than 25 years. Their solutions are used in foundries, steel industry, in productions that require blasting and surface treatment of metals, similar productions and the production of renewable energy sources.


SIAPRO offer inovative engineering projects and manufacture equipment in the field of foundry, steel, sand blasting, surface treatment of metals, engineering industry and related projects. Foundry equipment and Shot blasting machines are products of their complete engineering services including consulting, design, supply and manufacture of equipment, installation and maintenance of equipment and equipment optimisation. Their office is located at Postaja 9, 5216 MOST NA SOČI, Slovenia, Europe

7. Dhm Foundry Systems 

Dhm Foundry Systems, for more than 30 years has been producing shot blasting machines and foundry machines by handing down knowledge and experience. Currently, more than 500 shot blasting machines, a large number of molding machines, and green sand preparation equipment designed by our expert teams serve customers in many countries all over the world and Turkey.


DHM Foundry Systems can offer results-oriented solutions from different perspectives on turn-key foundry solutions and shot blasting machines’ designs and applications due to having a 30-year experienced team and in the first place having been experienced in almost all areas of metallurgy such as foundries, steel sector, steel forging sector, the gas tube manufacturing sector over the years. Their address is Hacıkadirler Köyü Hacıkadirler Mevkii 810. Sokak No:3/1 GÜMÜŞOVA DÜZCE

8. BV shot blasting 

Built on an area of over 4000 square meters, BV Shot Blasting Machines is a complete industry where engineering, realize the design, construction, electrification, painting and testing of Shotblast-plant are buided internally.


BV Shot Blasting Machines is a small jewel and model of Italian industry, has a strict rule that places above all customer satisfaction as the best form of advertising. They are a team of professionals with thirty years experience in the world of metal blasting and production plant of BV SHOTBLASTING MACHINES is an example of synergy always striving for perfection in every detail. They are located at Via Faravelli 12, 20025 Legnano (MI) – Italy


The company OTECO CZ, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1992, as a manufacturer for the Austrian company OTECO GmbH Wien with a long tradition in the shot blasting business.


OTECO manufacture a complete assortment of blasting machines and facilities in our factory in Bučovice. Their products have been delivered to 27 countries all around the world. They have covered most of Europe. Their machines have been sold in Asia (Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia) where we also supplied blasters for oil pipelines. In Africa they have sold machines in Egypt and Algeria. They have become specialists for engineering shot peening machinery, fully automatic machines for blasting pans and MAXIMA continuous roller track machines. In 2006, Theystood at the birth of the association “Sdružení českých povrchových úprav” (czech surface finishes) as one of the founding members. Their address is OTECO CZ spol. s r.o. Slavkovská 853, 685 01, Bučovice, Czech Republic.

10. C.M. Surface treatment

Recognized leader in the engineering and construction of automatic centrifugal wheel type blast cleaning and shot peening machines for surface treatment operations. C.M. equipment is utilized throughout industry for a tremendous variety of applications. Navigate with us to discover ideal surface treatment “solutions” for your specific requirements.


“C.M. Surface Treatment S.p.A.” has a staff of 50 employees and is situated on the outskirts of Modena in the eastern industrial region of Italy, just 40 km = 25 miles west of Bologna. The sole company activity is the design, manufacture, sales of automatic blast cleaning and shot peening equipment and over 60 years of experience are behind every C.M. product. Their office is located at Via della Tecnica, 50 41122 Modena Italy





Top 10 Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in USA

Top 10 Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in USA

Looking for the top shot blasting machine manufacturer in the USA? In this post, you will get enough information about the best American suppliers of shot blasting machine.


Shot blasting machine is a surface treatment equipment that removes rust and oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece. Making use of high-speed rotating impellers (blast turbines) under the role of centrifugal force to throw steel shot/ steel grits to hit the surface of the parts at high speed, eliminate the stress and increase the hardness of the workpiece, to achieve the purpose of rust removal. Generally speaking, shot blasting equipment is suitable for the workpiece with regular shape, blast wheels are arranged in all directions of the shot blasting chamber according to the size and character of the material object which achieves steel shot completely cover the parts.

Before going to the list, let’s have a brief introduction. We are a leading shot blasting machine in China, any questions about this product, feel free to contact us. We can provide the best price for your reference.

1. Wheelabrator

Wheelabrator is a world leading shot blasting equipment manufacturer offering a complete range of machines, parts and services. Established in 1908, which have more than 100 years’ experience in offering solutions for both shot blasting technologies – wheel blasting and air blasting. Currently produces components in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.   Their office is at 1606 Executive Drive, 30240, LaGrange, Georgia, U.S.A.


Wheelabrator offers a comprehensive range of surface preparation technologies, parts and services and stands ready to improve our customers’ productivity and profitability. Whatever your requirement, Wheelabrator has the solution, competence, know-how and skills to develop or modify your equipment. With the global engineering and production facilities, Wheelabrator is able to provide locally- built machines that serve your needs, your application, your specification and your budget.

2. Rösler

Rösler is the only surface finishing supplier in the world that offers the two most essential finishing technologies, mass finishing and shot blasting, as well as industrial washing systems and in-house production and development. Their company history can be traced back to 1933. In 1998, the company entered the shotblasting field with the purchase of Hunziker Industriestrahltechnik/Switzerland. Their business is from the global network of 17 locations and more than 150 sales agents. Their office is at 1551 Denso Road, Battle Creek, MI 49037, USA.


The Rösler Group has been developing surface finishing solutions for more than 80 years and offers the most extensive portfolio or products and services in the world of mass finishing shot blasting, and consumables. Rösler works hand in hand with our customers in a wide range of industries to develop surface finishing solutions tailored to your needs. Rösler design and manufacture the equipment and consumables and support you through a global network of locations. Rösler more than 1700 employees provide the local process development expertise and aftermarket service that builds long-term relationships with you, our customers.  Long term, sustainable business development is more important to Rösler than short term profit maximization

3. Pangborn

Pangborn is dedicated to providing superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions to thousands of customers across a variety of industries. Established in 1904, which have more than 146 years of shot blasting excellence. Pangborn has a rich history of driving innovation throughout the shot blasting industry – from Germany, to the United States, to Asia. Their office is at 4630 Coates Drive, Fairburn, GA 30213-2975, United States


Developing new products and solutions is at the core of what Pangborn does. Pangborn entire focus is providing our customers with high-performing shot blast equipment and solutions that are safe, reliable, durable, and easy to operate and maintain. Pangborn’s customers realize improved total cost of ownership and increased profitability, as well as operational excellence.

4. Blastec® 

Blastec, Incorporated is a privately held company under the continued ownership of David and Lynn Watts who remain active in the business. Dedicated to the manufacture of heavy duty, high production, low maintenance blast machines. Since 1976, Blastec® blast wheels have delivered superior performance on airless shot blast machines throughout the world.

Their office is at 4965 Atlanta, Hwy. • Alpharetta, GA 30004.


The Blastec® wheel has established a distinguished reputation for exceeding customer blast cleaning requirements by combining highest performance with lowest operating costs. At Blastec®, we understand that while it may be the machine that performs the work, it’s our people that make the difference before and after the sale. The collective knowledge of our sales, engineering, and service staff enables us to provide cleaning systems to fit the application as opposed to “pre-canned” machines that do not totally fit the needs of the customer. Our dedicated fabrication team then assembles that machine with a critical eye toward quality. Finally, our skilled service technicians insure smooth installation, start-up, and ongoing service after the sale. Combined, it adds up to attention to detail you won’t experience elsewhere.

5. Goff

Goff Inc. of Seminole, OK is a proud US manufacturer of premium quality Shot Blast Cleaning and Shot Peening and HydroPulse® degreasing equipment for over 40 years.


Goff Inc has maintained our position as a successful leader in this Industry because we do things differently.  We bring our equipment to market by teaming with the most experienced and knowledgeable Local Authorized Sales Representative, Blast Cleaning Professionals, there are anywhere.  Goff Representatives make on-site visits to view processes and products in order to fully understand customer needs and expectations.  This understanding allows Goff Inc to offer the best machine design and specific options to address the application.  We appreciate and respect that our customer’s success leads to furthering our own success.

Their office is at 12216 NS 3520, Seminole, OK 74868


Completely owned and operated in the United States, Viking Blast & Wash Systems manufactures and distributes a full line of industrial cleaning machines including abrasive shot blast machines, parts washers and vibratory deburring equipment. Their office is at 731 S. Industrial CT, Rose Hill, KS 67133


Viking began manufacturing shot blast machines for the automotive industry more than 40 years ago. Since that time, Viking’s product line has expanded from a few standard machines specific to that industry to a full product line. Their location in the center of the country allows us to offer fast and convenient shipping. Viking industrial cleaning machines can be found in numerous industries operating in more than 25 countries.


Gibson separates itself in the industry by gaining a deep understanding of what best suits the customer’s process and designing a solution to fill the need.  As an original equipment manufacturer, they pride ourselves on our customer success stories.  Gibson 100% focus on shot-blasting solutions has made us very good at what we do.  Gibson emphasis, as always, is on quality, process, customer service and unbiased processing recommendations.  This has served – and will continue to serve – as the foundation for their business.


The company was founded in 1998 and was known as Gibson Parts & Equipment Inc. Gibson had a rather modest beginning, starting out in the living room of the founder’s home in Westfield, Indiana supplying replacement parts for industrial wheel-blast machines.

For over eighteen years, Gibson has been a trusted partner in the wheel blast equipment industry. Their office is at 7988 Center point Drive, Suite 400, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

8. LS industries

LS Industries is a market expert on automating cleaning processes and surface preparation for metal parts using shot blast, wash systems, or vibratory processing. LS custom metal cleaning solutions are designed to improve your productivity to save you time and money. Phil Enegren (Little Swede) established LS Industries as the leader in the surface preparation market in 1977. Their office is at 710 EAST 17TH STREET, WICHITA, KS 67214-1312

LS industries

For more than 40 years, LS Industries has designed and manufactured a diverse product line of custom surface treatments and metal cleaning equipment. In addition to the ability to develop custom equipment solutions, LS Industries also provides highly responsive service for your equipment.

9. Ocean Machinery

Ocean Machinery, based in Fort Lauderdale, is your premier one-stop-shop for steel fabricating machinery. Ocean Machinery represents an extensive range of premium steel fabricating machinery and distributes throughout the world. Ocean Machinery is known throughout the industry for its legendary customer service and technical support, something which sets Ocean apart from the competition.

Ocean machinery

The Ocean Blaster Shot Blasting System is produced for Ocean by our manufacturing partner Agtos, it is a completely unique shot blasting machine for cleaning structural steel sections. located at 6720 NW 15th Way, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA.

10. Peddinghaus

The Peddinghaus Provides the best results with the least amount of abrasive is essential to any shot blasting machine. To meet the blast cleaning needs of our fabricators, we teamed up with Agtos to bring you the PeddiBlast. In all shops, small or large, the PeddiBlast shot blast machine is completely configurable to each fabricators’ needs.


The Peddinghaus do more than make machines for steel fabricators. They keep you ahead of the fabrication curve through unparalleled partnerships, constant research and development, industry-leading service, cutting-edge technology and quality components to create machines that are built to last. At Peddinghaus, the customers succeed. located at 300 N Washington Ave. Bradley, IL 60915