What material is used for shot blasting

The shot blasting machine needs metal abrasives to work together in the shot blasting work, both are essential. The most commonly used materials on metal surfaces are abrasives. They are sharp and hard materials used to grind softer surfaces. They are mechanical surface metal treatment materials. Abrasives can be divided into metal abrasives and non-metal abrasives. According to the production method, it is divided into natural abrasive and artificial abrasive. According to the hardness, there are two categories: super-hard abrasive and ordinary abrasive.

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What are the common metal abrasive?

Metal abrasives include steel shot, steel grit, iron shot, iron sand, stainless steel shot, stainless steel sand, steel wire cut shot and stainless steel wire cut shot, etc. They have a wide range of application value. The cleaning site of metal abrasives has low dust pollution, high visibility, and cleaning quality. It is easy to be guaranteed, and the work efficiency is high. It is widely used in the mechanical surface casting industry.

The scope of application of metal abrasives for shot blasting machine.

  1. Shipbuilding industry: chain anchor chains, chain bolts, valves, engine connecting rods, etc.;
  1. Construction industry: packaging for subway high-strength protective railings;
  1. Petroleum industry: crankshafts, sucker rods, mine drilling rigs, etc.;
  1. Aviation industry: aviation blades, axles, landing gear, etc.;
  1. National defense industry: forwards, camshafts, compressor blades, etc.;
  1. Machine tool industry: milling cutters, punching tools, etc.;
  1. Automobile industry: train wheels, stabilizers, springs, crankshafts, gears, leaf springs, etc.;

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How to choose the suitable abrasive for shot blasting machine?

How to choose the suitable abrasive for shot blasting machine? How to buy high-quality and low-cost abrasives? In fact, each type of shot blasting machine equipment requires different types of abrasives. If the final type of abrasive needs to be determined, it also depends on what kind of workpiece the shot blasting machine is blasting and the desired shot blasting effect. The size of the workpiece is different, and the abrasive used is also different, so the specific type of abrasive used depends on the situation.

  1. The larger the abrasive diameter, the higher the surface roughness of the workpiece, but the shot blasting efficiency is also high; the abrasive diameter should be selected according to the surface roughness of the part. The shot blasting efficiency of other irregularly shaped steel shots or cut wire shots is higher than that of spherical shots, but the surface roughness is also higher.
  1. Choose the abrasive with moderate hardness to achieve good application effect. Suitable abrasive hardness and excellent resilience, so that the abrasive can be projected to every part of the shot blasting machine chamber, and then reduce the blasting time.
  1. If the abrasive hardness is too low, it will be easily deformed and broken during the shot blasting process, and then consume energy, which will affect the shot blasting effect; if the hardness is too high, it will be brittle and fragile, forming a consolidated sharp fragment, and the blade will wear quickly. High energy consumption also affects the shot blasting effect

The effect of the shot blasting machine is related to the quality of blast wheel and the metal abrasives you choose. The above is simple introduction to the abrasive of shot blasting machine. If you have any questions please visit our official website or email to us for more information.

what materila is used for shot blasting machine

What is sandblasting room

What is sandblasting room?

Sandblasting room is called sandblasting booth, it is suitable for cleaning the surface of medium and large components, non-regularly and batch processing workpieces to clean oxide scale and rust, which also can increase the adhension between workpiece and coating. Sandblasting room is designed according to customers productions requirements. The machine is used for metal surface of large area rust removal in shipbuilding, aircraft, automobile, bridge and chemical industries.

Composition of sandblasting room

Sandblasting room is mainly composed with sandblasting chamber, separator, bucket elevator, recovery system, collection silo, sandblasting system, dust collector, electrical control system,etc.

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Working principle of sandblasting room

Before sandblasting room operation, operator need to move the workpiece into the blasting room , turn on the electric and air compressor device, open the light, wear protective clothes, close the door and turn on the sandblasting gun switch to cleaning the parts. The projected steel shot will fall to the bottom of sandblasting chamber and the steel shot will through the screw conveyor to the bucket elevator to recycle the steel shot. Multi level air wash separator will separate the steel shots, broken steel shots and dust. The qualified steel shots will into the storage silo to recycle to use, which is on the above of sandblasting machine. The broken steel shot sand dust will sucked away by dust collector directly. The dust will adsorbed on the surface of the filter cartridge. The pulse valve of the dust collector will send the pulse signal to release the compressed air stored in the air bag and instantly form an expanding airflow to act on the inside of the filter cartridge. The dust attached on the surface of the filter cartridge will be shaken off and dropped into the dust collector hopper for cleaning regularly. The dust collect efficiency can reach to 99.5% and the fan of the dust collector is the sealing structure can reduce noise effectively.

Reclaim system of sandblasting room

  1. Manual reclaim system: this reclaim system is the most economic and practical way. Simple production and materials, it will greatly reduce the cost of the sandblasting room.
  2. Semin-automatic reclaim system: including screw or scraper reclaim, L type reclaim, H type reclaim and U type reclaim. This type need the operator pushed the steel shots to the screw or scraper conveyor manually and then the screw or scraper will transport the steel shots to bucket elevator to recycle to use, which improve the working efficiency. It is suitable for medium and large production project.
  3. Fully automatic reclaim system: uses a low-power motor to complete the high-efficiency automatic recycling of large-area floor abrasives, which greatly reduces power consumption and reduces use costs. When the abrasives are recycled, only the high wear-resistant polyurethane blades are in contact with the abrasives, but not with any other parts. Any friction occurs, and it is recycled slowly and evenly, thus completely eliminating the secondary crushing loss of the abrasive during floor recycling, and reducing the wear of the floor structure to close to zero, thereby saving abrasives and greatly extending the service life of the floor, greatly reducing The cost. Long service life and easy maintenance: The design and material selection of high wear-resistant polyurethane blades ensure the long service life of the scraper system, and the polyurethane blades can be easily replaced by opening the floor grid plate. The maintenance is simple, rapid and convenient. Save man-hours, low-power motors in the blasting room ensure low-noise operation

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Sandblasting room process design

The sandblasting room body is the working place of the blasting room. The blasting room body uses a 20mm square tube as the basic frame, and uses a 25*40 square tube for internal support. QGMA adopt each sandwich panel (2 meters) have a strong frame which made from square tube. Which ensure they will not deformation during transportation and installation. the grinding and painted square tube will be far enough to resistant the corrosion by natural environment. The blast room wall are fabrication by sandwich panel with noise attenuation interlayer, which total thickness is 50mm. Convenient installation, anti-corrosion and durability; the color steel plate sandwich layer is rock wool. Compared with the conventional sandblasting room made of pure steel plate, the sandblasting room uses sandwich color steel plate as the sandblasting room body, which can produce The high-frequency sharp noise of 1500HZ—2000HZ is reduced to below 500HZ, which greatly improves the noise environment. Because the sandblasting chamber is made of sandwich color steel plate and the sandwich material is rock wool, it not only has a good heat insulation function, It also has fire prevention effect, good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. The sandblasting room itself has a rainproof and ventilated structure. There is no need to build another factory building, which greatly reduces the cost of infrastructure. The color steel plate structure is adopted. The sandblasting room can be used once Forming, no surface treatment is required. QGMA sand blasting room The conveying system in the sand blasting room has a simple and reliable structure, strong overload capacity, and is not easy to be blocked. The room body is made of steel structure skeleton, and the wall is made of color steel sandwich panels, which is light in weight, easy to install and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance; Lined with white wear-resistant rubber sheet for protection, long life, good lighting environment, and can increase the indoor illumination according to user needs. The key components of the mechanical conveying method in the blasting room are easy to maintain, and the replacement cycle is long, which improves production efficiency.

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Advantages of sandblasting room

The sandblasting room can be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s product characteristics and sandblasting requirements. There is no need to design and manufacture complex foundations, which saves foundation construction costs and greatly saves engineering costs. There is no need for a large amount of abrasives to be stocked in the recycling spiral. The abrasive recovery rate The main electrical components are imported products, which have the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, long service life, simple maintenance, etc.; the sandblasting room has high-definition visibility inside the chamber, and the room body is naturally filled with air, which saves energy Consumption; the sandblasting room adopts two-stage dust removal, the first stage adopts a cyclone separator, and the second stage adopts a filter-type dust removal system. The total dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.99%; on the upper part of the front roof of the sandblasting room, there is a sound “Light alarm system” is equipped with an emergency stop call button in the sandblasting room; the electrical control of each system adopts interlocking control. When one of the systems fails, the related systems stop working and the spray gun stops spraying; the sandblasting room adopts Architectural decoration design, simple appearance, beautiful, standardized, good noise reduction effect, and convenient installation.

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What is meaning of shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is use the high speed rotating impeller and under the action of centrifugal force to throw the steel shot with high-speed to the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, when the steel shot hit on the workpiece surface, the surface stress of the workpiece will be eliminated and the hardness will be increase. It is a surface treatment equipment which can remove the rust and oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece. Shot blasting can not only clean the casting surface, but also strengthen the workpiece. Generally speaking, shot blasting is used to clean the regular shape of the workpiece, etc., One or several blasting wheels work together, high efficiency, small pollution.

Scope of application

Shot blasting machine is widely used in automobile manufacturing industry, casting/forging industry, steel/steel structure industry, rail transportation industry for derusting and cleaning of oxide scale and other industries.

Before proceeding to the next process, almost all casting parts, sheet metal welds, steel plates, steel structural parts need to be shot blasted. This is not only can remove the surface of the workpiece rust and oxide scale, but also can make the workpiece surface form a rough surface to eliminate internal stress, increase the surface adhesion of the workpiece, prolong the service life. The surface cleaning of non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloys, copper alloys, etc., in addition to removing oxide scales and finding surface defects of the castings, the main purpose is to use a shot blasting machine to remove metal workpieces and increase the quality of the coating surface. According to the modern metal strength theory, increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is the main direction to improve the metal strength.It is proved that shot blasting is an effective method to increase dislocation structure.This is of great significance for some metals that cannot be hardened by phase transformation (such as martensite quenching, etc.) or require further strengthening on the basis of transformation hardening. Aviation, aerospace industry, automobile, agricultural machinery and other parts are required to be light, but the reliability requirements are getting higher and higher. The important technological measures are to adopt shot-peening technology to improve the strength and fatigue strength of components.

What is meaning of shot blasting machine

working principle

Take roller type shot blasting machine as an example: the shot blasting machine is mainly used for large I-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, steel structure parts to eliminate stress and surface rust cleaning. Shot blasting process is controlled by electrical system adjustable speed roller conveyer to send steel structures or steel to a blasting chamber mass ejection area, its around the surface hit by powerful dense projectile from different coordinates azimuth and friction. To make its scale, rust layer and its dirt falls off and obtain the smooth surface and hardness of the steel surface. It not only improve the adhesion of paint film and steel, but also can improve the inner quality of steel to extend its service life. It have loading and unloading rollers on both sides of the inlet and outlet roller table outside the blasting chamber. The steel shot and rust dust on the steel will be belowing by the belowing device, scattered down the dust mixture by the recovery screw conveying to the chamber funnel, crosswise and longitudinal screw conveyor collected in the lower part of the elevator, and then promoted to the upper part of the machine separator, separated after the pure projectile into the separator hopper recycle to use. The dust produced in the shot blasting is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe. The clean gas after purification treatment is discharged into the atmosphere. The granular dust is captured and collected into the dust removal device and then the clean air discharged into the atmosphere.

Composition of shot blasting machine

The shot blasting machine is consist of four parts:

①Blast wheel generally uses high-speed rotating impeller to projectile the steel shots in a certain direction under the action of high centrifugal force. The angle of the blast wheel can be adjusted as a certain angle.

②Steel shot collection, separation and transportation system.

③Conveyor system of the workpiece. Such as: roller, mesh belt, rubber belt, hook system, etc.

④Dust collector system

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Working conditions

  1. Roughness of working road surface20 mm;Dry without water;Slope & lt;25 °
  2. Ambient temperature: -20℃~60℃; the temperature of the steel plate surface is more than 3℃ above the dew point
  3. Humidity:
  4. The relative humidity when shot blasting the steel surface is not more than 90%
  5. The relative humidity during concrete shot blasting is not more than 95%
  6. Altitude: 0~3000m; not to operation in rain or snow

Work efficiency

Working on the steel plate: steel plate quality grade sa2.5 to sa3:

Speed: SA2.5 about 3-4 m/min.

Speed: SA3 about 2-3 meters per minute.

Processing area per hour: sa2.5 about 75-100 square meters/hour

Rust removal grade

The rust removal grade of shot blasting machine is divided into four grades, which are expressed by the letter “SA”.

SA1 Light shot blasting or sandblasting derusting. Invisible grease or dirt on the steel surface, free of adhesion such as oxide scale, rust and paint coating.

SA2 To remove rust thoroughly by shot blasting or sandblasting. The steel surface should be invisible grease and dirt, oxide scale, rust and other attachments have been basically removed, the residue should be firmly attached. The anti-slip coefficient of the projectile indentations formed by the uniform shot blasting on the steel surface reaches 0.35 ~ 0.45

SA2.5 Shot blasting or sandblasting is very thoroughly to remove rust. There should be no visible grease, dirt, scale, rust, paint coating and other attachments on the steel surface, and any residual marks should be only slight spots or strips of color. The anti-slip coefficient of the projectile indentations formed by the uniform shot blasting on the steel surface reaches 0.45 ~ 0.5

SA3 Derusting of steel by spray or projectile to give it a clean appearance. The surface of steel should be free from visible attachments such as grease, dirt, scale, rust and paint. The surface should show a uniform metallic luster.

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The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

The roller conveyor pass through shot blasting machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly, deoxidizing, cleaning and pre-treating various steel materials, such as steel plates, steel materials, steel beams, section steels, steel pipes and steel castings, in a continuous way. The operation is simple, just load the steel material on the machine, press the start button, after a short self-circulation cycle, the system will automatically unload the processed material, that is, the entire cleaning process is completed, and all dust and residues are removed Pellets.

The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 2

QGMA has rich experience in designing all kinds of wheel blast & air blast machine, let us introduce the roller conveyor shot blasting machine to you.

The projectiles and rust dust falling on the steel through the roller conveyor shot blasting machine are blown by the blowing device, and the dropped shot dust mixture is conveyed to the chamber funnel by the recovery screw, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyors are collected in the lower part of the elevator and then lifted Go to the separator on the upper part of the machine, and the separated pure projectiles fall into the separator hopper for recycling use.

The application of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 3

Dust generated in shot blasting is sent to the dust collector by the exhaust pipe, and the purified air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected. Generally divided into roller type through type shot blasting machine and catenary through type shot blasting machine.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is a conveying roller with adjustable speed to send steel structural parts or steel into the ejection area of ​​the cleaning machine room, and all surfaces of its body are hit and rubbed by strong rebound and dense projectiles from different coordinate directions. The oxide scale, embroidered layer and dirt on it will quickly fall off, and the steel surface will get a certain rough and smooth surface. The workpiece is loaded and unloaded on the inlet and outlet rollers on both sides of the blasting room.


The importance of shot blasting machine guard plate and material

The Importance of Shot Blasting Machine guard plate and Material

As we all know, the speed of the steel shot projected from the blast wheel are very fast. No matter where its hit, it will leave the mark. Using a period of time it will damage. So we need to make some protective measure to protect this area avoid to be damaged and extend the service life.

The importance of shot blasting machine guard plate and material 1

The area in shot blasting machine called blasting chamber. Blasting chamber is made of high manganese steel and use the building block type structure design. Because the blasting chamber will blast by the steel shot, so we use the sufficient strength and rigidity steel plate welded together as a whole to protect the blasting chamber. We usually use through 3D optimization and dynamic simulation design to determined the shape, size, installation position and direction of the blasting turbines, to make sure the cleaning effect and increase the machine working efficiency. The most important is that the guard plate of the blasting chamber adopt high wear-resistance manganese steel plate material. The fixing nuts of the inside plate are also use the high chromium material.

The high wear-resistance manganese guard plate can protect the blast chamber to avoid the hit of the high speed abrasive and can also extent the blasting chamber service life. After treated the manganese guard plate have high impact toughness. It can fully use the energy of the abrasive to continue hit the surface of the workpiece efficiency. It not only can improve the power consumption, but also can increase the quality of the blast processing.

The importance of shot blasting machine guard plate and material 2

The guard plate in blasting chamber use the building block type lap joint structure with durable nut cast construction. Usually on the two plate we put the third plate on the gap to avoid the abrasive projected into the gap. The blasting zone guard plate thickness up to 10mm and easy to replace. On the inlet and outlet we all use 3-6 layer rubber to prevent the abrasive through out.

QGMA Machinery 360° protected blasting chamber ensures a 10-year work time. If you have interested in our shot blasting machine, please contact us.

Rubber belt shot blasting machine delivery to Europe 1

Rubber belt shot blasting machine delivery to Europe

Recently QGMA Group has successfully delivery 4 sets rubber belt shot blasting machine to Europe.

Those machines with one 11 Kw wheel blast turbine, the diameter of desk is Φ1000, the max loading capacity is 600 Kg. Customer use this machine to clean the casting.

Rubber belt shot blasting machine delivery to Europe 2

Tumble belt shot blasting machine can blast 500kg workpieces at a time, and is mainly used for small pieces shot blasting. This machine uses a high-speed rotating impeller to throw the projectiles onto the continuously overturned workpiece in the drum to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is suitable for sand removal, rust removal, descaling and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stamping parts, angle steel, channel steel, steel plate and steel plate bending parts, gears, springs, etc. in various industries, especially suitable for cleaning and strengthening the parts that are afraid of bumping.

A specified number of workpieces are added to the blasting room. After the machine is started, the workpieces are driven by the roller and begin to turn. At the same time, the projectile formed by the high-speed projectile thrown by the blasting device hits the surface of the workpiece evenly, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Rubber belt shot blasting machine delivery to Europe 3

The thrown steel shots particles flow into the steel mesh at the bottom through the small holes in the rubber track, and are sent to the elevator through the screw conveyor, and the elevator is lifted into the separator for separation.

The dust is sucked by the fan and sent to the dust collector to be filtered. The clean air is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust on the cloth bag is shaken and falls into the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector. The user can clean it regularly. The waste sand flows out from the waste pipe. Can be recycled. The shot-sand mixture is recycled into the chamber by the recycling pipe, and the clean shots enter the blasting turbine through the shot supply gate to throw the workpiece after the separator is separated.

Spear parts of shot blasting machine

As we all know, spare parts is the most important parts of the shot blasting machine. The quality of the pare parts will decided the shot blasting machine service life, maintenance cost and blast processing cost. So the spare parts with good quality will generate profit for customers, on the contrary the poor quality spare parts will bring lots of trouble for customers.

The mainly spare parts of the shot blasting machine are the blast turbines spare parts. The blast turbine is the core of the shot blasting machine, so the quality of spare parts are most important.

Spear parts of shot blasting machine1

One blast turbine have 8 pcs of blades, impeller, control cage, distributor and guard plates. When the steel shot into the blast turbines it will use the centrifugal force to throw the steel shot on the surface of the workpiece. So all parts are easy to wear. Qinggong adopt die steel CNC precise processing and low pressure vacuum heat treatment to processed the blade, the processing accuracy can reach 0.01. That made every blades are uniform wear and keep good dynamic balance. The hardness can up to HRC50-55. The guard plate in blast turbine are designed according to steel shot and blades rotating track simulation. After accelerating along the round track, steel shot can reach highest speed and cause the least self-wear. Max thickness of guard plate is up to 70 mm, the service time is greatly increased.

Qinggong Machinery is committed to adopt new materials and new process to improve the shot blasting machine and its spare parts quality and also produce a wide range of high chromium casting, stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other precision castings. Qinggong Machinery aims to set up a factory with high quality, high efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to visit us! We can provide you all kinds of shot blasting machine spare parts!

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Routine maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 1

Routine maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine

roller conveyor type shot blasting machine is the most environment-friendly and the most effective process to remove all forms of rust and corrosion materials from steel plate, pipes, steel structure, h beams, steel tube, profiles, steel angles and channels, etc.

Routine maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 2

The material used by the roller conveyor shot blasting machine is usually use steel plates, which are used to remove rust and impurities on the surface of the metal workpiece to restore the original color of the workpiece and prevent the workpiece from deteriorating. The separator separates the cleaned workpiece from the cleaned impurities and sends the cleaned workpiece out of the equipment. QINGGONG Machinery will describe the routine maintenance process of the roller conveyor shot blasting machine:

  1. Check the protective plates such as high manganese steel protective plates and wear-resistant rubber plates in the pass-through shot blasting machine room. If worn or broken, it should be replaced immediately to prevent bullets from penetrating the walls of the room and flying out of the room to injure people. When it is necessary to enter the inspection room, the main power supply of the equipment must be cut off and an indicator sign must be hung up.
  2. Check the tightness of the progress of the machine, the tightness should be tightened in time to prevent the outbreak of failure;
  3. Check the vibration of the shot blasting machine. Once the machine is found to vibrate too much, stop the machine immediately, check the wear of the wear parts of the shot blasting machine and the focus of the impeller, and replace the damaged parts. Before opening the end cover of the shot blasting machine, the main power supply of the cleaning equipment should be cut off. If the rolling of the shot blasting machine does not stop completely, the initial cover must not be turned over.
  4. Regularly stabilize all motors and bearings on the equipment.
  5. Regular supply of new projectiles. Due to the wear and damage of the projectile during use, a certain number of new projectiles need to be replenished regularly. Especially when the quality of the workpiece to be cleaned does not meet the standard, the small number of projectiles may be an important reason.

Routine maintenance of roller conveyor shot blasting machine 3

Shot blasting machine blasting turbines angle importance

Shot blasting machine blasting turbines angle importance

Shot blasting machine in mechanical work, its main role is to blast clean. The blasting turbines is the core of the shot blasting machine.

The blasting turbines contains impeller, eight blades, control cage, abrasive distributor, hood guard plate, side guard plate, front/rear guard plate and feed spout. If you found have part wear is serious, it should be replaced with a new one. Otherwise it not only can influence the cleaning effect but also can reduce the service life of the machine.

Shot blasting machine blasting turbines angle importance1

When the steel shot entered from the feed spout (①), it will through abrasive distributor (②), control cage (③) to the blade (④). Under the affect of the centrifugal force, the steel shot will projected to the surface of the workpiece with high speed. The steel shot will enter into the recycle system to reused.

Qinggong adopt to the KT series new design blasting turbines. The guard plate thickness is up to 70mm and we use high resistance chromium alloy. That can offer long service time than old design. We also designed these after dynamic simulation, the guard plate form a round track for steel shot, which allows all steel shot leave the turbine when they reach the highest speed with the least internal bounce and self wear. so how to adjusting the blasting turbines angle correct and appropriate is the most important.

If the blasting turebines angle is not suitable or correct, it will lead to uneven shot blasting on the surface of the workpiece and the puepose of comprehensive and thorough cleaning can not be achieved. The quality and effect will be affect, therefore will be required by the angle to ensure the cleaning quality of the shot blasting machine.

Shot blasting machine blasting turbines angle importance2

Turn table shot blasting machine working principle

Turn table shot blasting machine also named as rotary shot blasting machine, is mainly suitable for the production of surface cleaning of small and medium-sized workpieces, and can be applied to engine connecting rods, gears, diaphragm springs, etc. Rotary shot blasting machine refers to the use of shot blasting to clean up the rust and dirt on the surface of the workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, and prevent the workpiece from deforming and fatigue in the subsequent working state, and unnecessary life shortening. Trouble. The use of rotary shot blasting machine avoids the appearance of sticky sand and oxide scale and other attachments in the forging process of workpieces to cause some special workpieces, such as flat cleaning in the heat treatment workshop, fear of collisions and some thin-walled parts due to these attachments The fatigue fracture resistance is generated, and problems such as fracture occur during use.

Turn table shot blasting machine working principle 3

QGMA has rich experience of designing and producing all kinds of air blast and wheel blast machines. Let us introduce rotary table shot blasting machine to you:

The cleaning effect of the rotary table shot blasting machine is very good, and it can quickly and efficiently help customers complete the cleaning effect, effectively help users improve the surface quality of castings, improve the fatigue strength of castings, and make castings of better quality. Using the rotary table shot blasting machine to clean the surface of the castings can make the castings look more beautiful, and at the same time can effectively extend the service life of the castings and help more customers save money spent on castings.

With 100+ workers, 22 engineers, and a service team of 10, QINGGONG machinery have the capability to meet your requests of shot blasting and sand blasting machines. Welcome to contact us.

Turn table shot blasting machine working principle 2