Catenary type shot blasting machine

Catenary type shot blasting machine

The catenary type shot blasting machine is the best choice to clean the heavy amd complex shaped workpieces, such as castings, welded structures, forged and pressed parts, etc. It mostly used for continuous blasting cleaning, desanding and decoring in die casting industry as well for descaling, derusting and reconditioning in metal working industry.

As we all know the catenary type shot blasting machine is mainly used for large scale cleaning for medium and small workpiece surface. It adopts to single strand closed loop transport system. The hooks conveyor loaded with workpieces at constant speed and frequency moving into the blasting chamber and continuous blasting. What’s more, this type shot blasting machine can be connected with painting or oil injection line perfectly, which makes the production fully automatic to save time and labor.

Catenary type shot blasting machine2

Besides, the catenary type shot blasting machine has the following characteristics:

  1. Adopt 3D dimensional dynamic projection simulation design to arrangement the blasting chamber and blast wheel to make sure the steel shot can cover every corner.
  2. Blasting chamber is made of manganese steel plates. The thickness up to 10mm. To make sure the machine tight and sturdy, we not only welded all plate in one piece but also put another plate on the gap.
  3. According to customers workpiece and cleaning effect, the quantity of the blast wheels, the motor power and the size of blasting chamber all can be customized.
  4. In the inlet and outlet chamber also included blasting chamber are all equipped with rubber curtains. It can make a relatively closed space and to make sure the machine nearly 100% tight and prevent to accidents of shot spillage.
  5. The dust collector system have two level dust collector, which can increase the cleaning efficiency up to 99.5%. Air shock valve with timing device can clean filters regularly.

Catenary type shot blasting machine1

Catenary type shot blasting machine3

MORE THAN SURFACE is Qingdao Seth’s spirit, we are specialized in the surface treatment, but we care more: long serve time, safety, energy-saving, environment-friendly. If you want to more about our catenary type shot blasting machine , please visit our website or ask me.

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