Comparison and analysis between different types of shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is a kind of machine which can projected the abrasive with high-speed to the clean and strength the casting metal surface. The machine also can clean the sand or the remove the core of the casting. So the shot blasting machine is mainly used in casting industry. Now QGMA Machinery will make a comparision and analysis between the hanger type shot blasting machine, tumble belt shot blasting and roller conveyor shot blasting machine.

What is the same point of various type of shot blasting machine?

Which type of shot blasting machine to be used is up to the workpiece need to be cleaned. But the same point is that all kind of shot blasting machine have the same cleaning effect, because all shot blasting machine use the blast turbines projected the abrasive to remove rust and strength the workpiece surface. We need to according to the workpiece to choose the abrasive with different size and adjustment the blast turbines blasting angle.

Comparison and analysis between different types of shot blasting machine 2

How to choose the suitable shot blasting machine according to the workpiece?

  • Small workpieces that are not afraid of collisions almost use the tumble belt shot blasting machine. The working principle of tumble belt shot blasting machine is that after the workpieces put into the blasting chamber, close the door and turn on the machine. The workpieces are driven by the belt and start to turn over and the blast turbine projected abrasive with high-speed hit the workpieces surface average to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Used abrasive, dust and sand mixture flown into the bottom screw conveyor through the hole on the tumble belt. Via the screw conveyor to the bucket elevator, then transport to the separator. In separator the air with dust will sucked by the fan and through the dust collector to be filtered to become the clean air into the atmosphere. The dust through the pulse by the air and fall down into the dust collect box at the bottom of the dust collector and user need to clean it regularly. The waste sand flow out from the waste pipe and can be reused by users. The dust and sand mixture will be separate by the separator. The cleaned abrasive can be recycle into the blast turbines.
  • The workpiece can be easy to hang or avoid collision should be used the hanger type shot blasting machine. Because of the machine have high working efficiency and flexibility. So this type of shot blasting machine is widely used in all kind of industry, which is the ideal shot blasting machine. The operation is very simple, just hang the workpieces on the hook and turn on the machine. After a 5-7 minutes the whole cleaning process are completed, all rust and dust will be removed. The hanger type shot blasting machine is suitable for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of small and medium-sized castings and forgings in the casting, construction, chemical, electrical, machine tool and other industries. It is especially suitable for surface cleaning and shot blasting of castings, forgings and steel structural parts of many varieties and small batches to remove a small amount of sticky sand, sand core and oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece; it is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening of heat-treated parts. Especially suitable for the cleaning of slender and thin-walled parts that are not suitable for collision.

Comparison and analysis between different types of shot blasting machine 3

  • The workpiece with relatively large and long size the roller conveyor shot blasting machine can be used. During the cleaning process, the electrically controlled adjustable-speed roller conveyor send the steel structure or steel into the shot blasting area of the shot blasting chamber. Every surface of the workpiece are hit and rubbed by powerful and dense abrasive from different coordinate directions, so that the oxide scale, rust layer and dirt on it will quickly fall off and the surface of the steel will get a smooth surface with a certain roughness. The workpiece will loading and unloading on the inlet and outlet rollers. The abrasive and rust dust falling on the steel are blown by the blowing device and the scattered abrasive dust mixture is conveyed by the crosswise and longitudinal screw conveyors and then collected in the lower part of the bucket elevator. Then lifted to the separator. After separated the cleaned abrasive will fall into the separator hopper for blasting recycling. Dust generated in shot blasting is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe, and the purified air is discharged into the atmosphere and the particulate dust is captured and collected.

All the shot blasting angle and position are designed by computer. To make sure all workpieces can be blast, the layout of the blast turbines are simulated by the 3D dynamically. That design not only can reduce the empty throw and increase the abrasive using rate. But also can reduce the wear of the plate guard in the blasting chamber.

Comparison and analysis between different types of shot blasting machine 1

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