Container sandblasting room for aluminum part 1

Container sandblasting room for aluminum part

Container sandblasting room, or container sandblasting booth, is uses a standard 20ft or 40ft shipping container for room body. The abrasive recovery system, air wash, blast pot and control circuitry are located in this room. The abrasive recovery system consists of a screw conveyor into which the operator sweeps the used abrasive into. A bucket elevator then lifts the abrasive into an air wash system where the abrasive is cleaned, removing any contaminates and dust. The abrasive is returned back into the blast pot for re-use.

Container sandblasting room for aluminum part 2

QGMA has rich experience for design all kinds of wheel blast or air blast equipment, let me introduce container sandblasting room for you:

Container sandblasting room can solve the problem of limited factory space or the use of temporary workstations. Our container blast room can provide an immediate and economical solution. The flexibility of this design means that the client can specify the type of recovery system, dust collection system and size of the unit to suit his needs. Our container blasting rooms are fully weather proofed and can be positioned indoors or outside your factory. Available in a standard 6m or 12m long shipping container, it offers your company a simple, easily transportable solution. Connect to your compressed air and electrical supply and you are all set for sand blasting.

What’s more, we can also provide for movable sandblasting room or portable sandblasting room. The main feature of this type room is make the abrasive recovery system, dust collector, sandblasting machine together, it can be transported to the site by flatbed truck. The installation time is less than 2 hours, which is the best equipment for field-flow operation.

Container sandblasting room for aluminum part 3

MORE THAN SURFACE is QGMA spirit, we are specialized in the surface treatment, but we care more: long serve time, safety, energy-saving, environment-friendly. If you want to more about our catenary type container sandblasting room, please visit our website or ask me.

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