Crawler shot blasting machine for casting spare parts

Shot blasting is a method by which excellent cleaning and surface treatment can be obtained for secondary finishing operations. The crawler shot blasting machine is used to the high speed rotate impeller projected the steel shot to the work piece .It can be used to clean cast ,forged and welded parts to remove sand , rust and oxide scale on the surface of the workpieces.

The crawler shot blasting machine can blast workpieces that easy to rotate and not easily broken. It also blast the aluminum casting or some non-ferrous metal workpieces. But when we clean aluminum, zirconium, titanium and other alloys , it will father flammable or detonating dust so we need to make some methods to solve it . When operating the machine, the workers should take strict protective measures and simple auxiliary work, clean the dust from all parts of the machine, and do not use flames or electric arcs near or on the equipment.Crawler shot blasting machine for castings

The casting spare parts is suitable for crawler shot blasting machine .

When we use the crawler shot blasting machine to clean the flange gate valves we should be as follows:

  1. During in use of the machine ,the shot blasting machine can press the stop button in an emergency, so that the machine and equipment can stop working to avoid serious consequences.
  2. The door can not be opened until the machine completely stopped.
  3. The adjustment of the butterfly valve should be based on the actual situation.
  4. If there are steel shots around the equipment, it should be removed in time to prevent people from slipping.

Crawler shot blasting machine FOR CASTINGS

Casting Spare Parts Crawler Rubber Belt Shot Blasting Machine is controlled by PLC, the operation is easy and reliable. It can be used not only a single machine ,but also a part of line.

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