shot blaster 7

Floor shot blaster Preventive Maintenance

Up Start-up every day:
look for and correct any safety deficiencies
Report and fix any operational problems

And every four hours:
Helpful Tips
Empty dust collector Use dust mask
Add abrasive (don’t overfill) Please be sure add abrasive the if the electric current is less than 20A
which shows on the blasting machine ampere on the electric cabinet.
Blast system
Typical Inspection Interval
Inspect couplings & their gaskets: 40…200 hrs
Check air hoses for leaks, deterioration or loose fittings: Monthly

Reclaimer and dust collector:
Typical Inspection Interval
Clean reclaimer screen: 8…40hrs
Cleaning reclaimer magnet sweeper: 8…40hrs
Inspect dust hose: 1000…2000hrs
Inspect dust filters: 1000…2000hrs

Typical Inspection Interval
Clean/replace safety glass or optional protector 40hrs
Inspect/replace air inlet filters: yearly

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