How to adjustment projectile angle of shot blasting machine

How to adjustment projectile angle of shot blasting machine

As we all know, shot blasting machine is the machine that used to removal sand ,rust or oxide scale on casting, forging or some other metal surface. The core of the shot blasting machine is the blast turbines. The blast turbines adopt to the centrifugal force to thrown out the steel shots with high speed and distance to the surface of the workpieces, so that achieve to the cleaning effect. After the blast turbine is installed in place, there must be a correct debugging process before the formal production and use. The correct adjustment can make the shot blasting machine reach a better working state and it also can have high efficiency, energy saving and good shot blasting effect. So how to adjustment the blast turbines become to the very important thing. Now let QGMA machinery to introduce how to adjustment the angle of the blast turbine.

Adjustment of projectile intensity

In order to achieve a good shooting effect, the blast turbine of the shot blasting machine must be equipped with an ideal steel shot flow control valve to ensure that the blast turbine has sufficient shot blasting volume. The shot blasting volume of the blast turbine can be adjusted through the steel shot flow regulating valve. When adjusting, consider the larger current value that the motor can withstand. Adjust the shot blasting amount, rotating the adjusting screw of the steel shot flow control valve can adjust the shot blasting amount according to actual requirements. The larger current must be consistent with the amount of current specified by the shot blaster motor. The working current value should be 90% of the larger current value, and the shot blasting amount is adjusted by the ammeter. The greater the head current, the greater the shot blasting volume.

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Adjustment of the projectile angle

The control cage is the main part to adjustment the angle of the blast turbine. The control cage controls the ejection direction of the steel shot and the projectile beam can be slightly adjusted by adjusting the opening direction of the control cage.

After the shot blasting machine is installed and positioned later, the equipment should be carefully debugged according to the specific working conditions. The projected area of the blast turbine of the shot blasting machine is a fan-shaped surface. The greater the distance from the fan-shaped surface to the workpiece, the larger the projecting area, but the smaller the impact force of the steel shot. The width of the pill is 80cm. Rotate the control cage to adjust the shot and jet direction within the projection range, but too much left or right of the jet will weaken the projection power and accelerate the abrasion of the guard plate.

  1. Put a lightly rusted steel plate or a steel plate with marking paint in the blasting area.
  2. Start the blast turbine and the motor will accelerate to the proper speed.
  3. To open the abrasive valve manually. After about 5 seconds, the steel shot will be sent to the impeller and the metal rust on the slightly rusted steel plate will be
  4. To determine the ejection position, use a 19MM adjustable wrench to loosen the three hexagonal bolts on the pressure plate until the control cage can be turned by hand and then tighten the directional sleeve.
  5. Prepare a new workpiece to verify the best settings.
  6. Repeat 3-5 until obtain the best position of the projectile.

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