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How to change the Rubber apron for Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine?

What is Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine?

Tumble belt shot blasting machine adopts the endless rubber apron to form a special barrel, to make the work pieces tumble continuously during shot blasting process .It is mainly used in forging work pieces and metal work pieces. Tumble belt shot blasting machine can be used not only ad a single machine ,but also as a part of line.

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The role of Rubber apron for Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

The rubber of  tumble belt shot blasting machine is an important part, which is mainly responsible for the turning and transportation of the work pieces, the crawler is related to whether the equipment can run normally,.

So it is very necessary to carry out daily maintenance of the rubber apron of tumble belt shot blasting machine and prolong the service life as far as possible.

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The operational principle of rubber apron.

The main working principle of the rubber apron is that the three shaft rollers wear a seamless ring rubber belt, with two end plates pressed to form a flipping work bin, place the product on it, and clean the work pieces or casting through the action of positive and negative track.

If the rubber apron is used too long and cannot used, it can only be replaced.

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The following is introduction for you about how to change the rubber apron for tumble belt shot blasting machine.

  1. Check the damage of the rubber apron. In general, the rubber apronisdamaged by tearing and breaking. In both cases, a splint knife can be used to cut the rubber apron from the inside to the left.
  2. Take apart the round plate and disk inside the chamber, generally fixed screws re-chamber left and right wall panel cover plate, you can check it after you open the cover.
  3. Take the three pieces of drive rollers apart and pull them out from one side of the part (some have rollers),you need to take out the idler together.You should place the tightening wire rod in the lower left corner and lower right corner of the equipment in the upper position before you remove the roller.
  4.  Put the rubber apron  into the cleaning room, you can use the top of the chamber to open the hole for the larger rubber apron, with steel wire into the suspension way to install, you can also be in the shot blasting impeller position fixed a hand-drawn hoist to pull the rubber apron.
  5.  After the rubber apron is placed in a fixed position, it is inserted into the pull-out drive roller, and the wire rod is tightened to adjust the rubber apron running slowly, then the gate at the upper end of the wire rod is fixed after the determination.
  6.  After the new rubber apron  is replaced, it is very necessary to actively and passively drive the roller bearing to lubricate to increase its service life.

The replacement process is relatively simple, so it is not necessary to watch  the video of  how is the tumble belt shot blasting machine to replace the rubber apron. It can also be quickly started, it is recommended to carefully look at the relevant steps to independently complete the replacement of the tumble belt shot blasting machine’s rubber apron, through appropriate maintenance, tumble belt shot blasting machine has a very good working state, to ensure the workshop production task.

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