How to choice sandblasting room and shot blasting machine

The surface cleaning of casting parts is not just shot blasting. For large parts, the drum sand is generally cleaned first, that is, the riser of the casting parts is cut off and then rolled in the drum. The parts collide with each other in the drum and the sand on the surface is increased. Part of it should be cleaned up first and then shot blasting by the shot blasting machine or sand blasting in the energy-saving and environmentally friendly sandblasting room.

How to choice sandblasting room and shot blasting machine 3

The size of steel shot is 1.5mm. Studies have shown that, in terms of damage, tensile stress on the surface of metal materials is much easier than compressive stress. When the surface is under compressive stress, the fatigue life of the material is greatly improved. Therefore, energy-saving components are usually used for components that are prone to fatigue fracture such as shafts. The environmentally friendly sandblasting room forms surface compressive stress and improves product life. In addition, metal materials are very sensitive to tension. This is the reason why the tensile strength of the material is much lower than that of compression. This is also the general tensile strength of metal materials. Indicates the reason for the material performance. The working surface of the steel plate of the car we ride in daily is strengthened with an energy-saving and environmentally friendly sandblasting room, which can significantly improve the fatigue strength of the material.

Shot blasting machine is the machine that uses a motor to drive the impeller to rotate with the high speed and distance. Relying on centrifugal force, the steel shot with a diameter of 0.2~3.0 are thrown onto the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece can reach a certain degree of roughness, making the workpiece beautiful or changing the workpiece. Welding tensile stress is compressive stress, which improves the service life of the workpiece. It is used in most areas of machinery for shipbuilding, auto parts, aircraft parts, gun and tank surfaces, bridges, steel structures, glass, steel plates, pipes, etc. Sandblasting is use the compressed air as power to spray shots with a diameter of 40-120 mesh or about 0.1-2.0 to the surface of the workpiece, so that the workpiece can achieve the same effect. The size of the steel shot is different and the treatment effect achieved is different. The key points are: Energy-saving and environmentally friendly sandblasting rooms can also play a strengthening role. Now domestic equipment has entered a misunderstanding that only shot blasting can achieve the purpose of strengthening. American and Japanese companies use both shot blasting and sandblasting for strengthening. Each has its own advantages. For example, for workpieces such as gears, the blasting angle of shot blasting cannot be changed, and the initial speed can only be changed by frequency conversion, but it can handle large quantities and fast speeds, while energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sandblasting rooms are just the opposite. The effect of shot blasting is not as good as that of an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sandblasting room.

How to choice sandblasting room and shot blasting machine 1

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