roller conveyor shot blating machine

How to choose a good shot blasting machine

Qingdao shot blasting machine manufacturers have a long history, there are more manufacturers, and the technology is relatively mature. QGMA’s shot blasting machine adopts advanced production technology and improves and innovates on the original basis. In use, it maximizes energy saving, efficiency and environmental protection.

How to distinguish the quality of shot blasting machine manufacturer’s equipment?

  1. Good equipment has a light startup sound and low noise.
  2. The appearance is exquisite, and the quality of paint spraying is passable. Equipment made by big manufacturers usually has exquisite appearance.
  3. Whether the wearing parts of the equipment meet the standards and whether it is easy to replace them.

4.On-site inspection, this is also the most critical one. You can go to the manufacturer to refer to whether there is this strength to produce, and inspect the factory to have the ability of after-sales service.

QGMA is located in the New West Coast Economic Zone of Qingdao.We have convenient transportation and strong production strength. The company has supplied tumble belt shot blasting machines for nearly 20 years, we have rich experience to produce and rigid standards to manufacture. Our company has a large number of production machinery and technical personnel, can deliver high-quality equipment to customers within the specified period.At the same time we can arrange engineers to guide the installation and assembly. Our after-sales staff will visit customers regularly to understand the operation and production capacity of the machine, and solve problems at the first time to give more technical guidance.Analyze customer feedback, and give feedback to r&d department to optimize design, to provide better products for customers.

Our company have been in this field more than twenty years. We have rich experience and professional technology and we have exported to South America, Arab, Asia, Russia, Malaysia Spain, Australia Chilean,  Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and many more countries.

Why Choose QINGGONG?

1.Owned factory,better quality control

2.Rich experienced in manufacturing and exporting

3.Competitve price and reliable oversea after-sale network

Our Services:

1.Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours;

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions;

3.Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained  and professional engineers and staff;

4.Professional factory. We are manufacturer, specializing in producing all kinds of  machinery for more than 20 years, competitive with good quantity

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