How to choose different type of blades

As we all know, the shot blasting machine is composed of many parts, such as a roller conveyor system, shot blasting system, abrasive reclaim system, dust collector, and others. Among them, the shot blasting system is the most important part of the machine. Now let QGMA introduce some points to explain how to choose different types of blads.

The importance of the blast turbines

The blast turbines are the core of the shot blasting machine, which has a great impact on the surface of the workpiece. The KT series of blast turbines, which Qinggong Machinery developed is distinguished by exceptional characteristics. It also has various component configurations and easy maintenance.

How to choose different types of blades 2

Types of the blades

The blades have two kinds of types. The one is the same as its name, straight blades. The other one is the curve. If viewed from the side, the blades have a certain angle.

Choice of the blades

Compared with the same size of the straight blades, the biggest advantage of the curved blades is the higher grinding speed. So the energy shock transferred to the workpiece is greater.

The curved blade can achieve abrasive exit speed, 27% to 30% higher than the straight blade. It is mainly used in the following situations:

  1. When more particle energy is required and distance is greater
  2. The workpiece with higher requirements for roughness
  3. Where scale needs to be removed

Under the same motor power, the straight blade can achieve a lower outlet speed but a higher mass flow rate. Therefore, the choice of the blade depends on the specific situation.

How to choose different types of blades 1

Replace the blades

If you first decide to use a straight blade and later find that you don’t get the right results and prefer to use a curved blade, this is not a problem because all parts are interchangeable. The KT series wheels can be fitted with straight or curved blades, as changing blade type and the material does not represent any additional cost or modification.

The KT series blast turbine has proven to be cost-effective and reliable as they are used by many customers in the foundry, metalworking, and automotive industries.

The KT series of high-performance turbines have spare parts for the shot blaster, including a shot blaster with eight projectile blades locked in the wheel twin discs. Double disc wheel has the following advantages:

Improved abrasive flow speeds up cleaning cycles

Directly mounted motors or spindles eliminate manual wheel positioning problems

The front of the housing provides easy access to the runner’s head

Optional replaceable, durable cast liner

Integrated dual labyrinth hub seals provide a superior abrasive seal

T-nut helps to replace the housing

Integrated U – shaped inlet fixture for improvement adjustment and assembly

Low speed and high-speed direct-drive motors

The directly-coupled spindle drive allows the reuse of existing motors

Fewer parts wear due to higher concentricity and more precise alignment

QGMA machinery is a professional shot blasting machine and sandblasting room manufacturer. We have sufficient accessories support. No matter what kind of blast turbines you used, we can give you the most suitable spare parts.

Please do not hesitate to share with me any ideas about the shot blasting machine and sandblasting room. Our engineering team will give you the most professional and cost-effective solutions.

How to choose different types of blades 3

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