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Factors to consider when designing a modern sandblasting room

The sandblasting room has always been used as a kind of equipment for us to treat and clean the surface of the workpiece, but with the continuous development of society and technology, the requirements for the sandblasting room have become more and more, and it is not only required to handle the workpiece well. Now, new requirements are put forward for environmental protection, safety, practicability, low energy consumption and safety.

Environmental protection requirements

We all know that when the sandblasting room is in use, it is easy to form a large amount of dust. These dusts pollute the air and cause serious dust pollution. It is necessary to require the equipment to be environmentally friendly when used. Minimize dust leakage. In addition, these dusts can also endanger the health of operators.

Safety requirements

Safety has always been the theme of enterprise production, especially during sandblasting, iron sand is ejected from high-pressure air, which has a lot of energy. Once it is sprayed on people, it will cause serious harm to people, so we Be sure to pay attention to safety when using it. During the installation, the safety of the staff must be taken into account, and the room structure and electrical system must be reasonably designed.

Practical requirements

Practical requirements have always been our requirements for equipment. Practical requirements are that the workpiece can be handled well, the failure rate is low, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

Energy-saving requirements

Because a large amount of electric energy is used during sandblasting, it is also an important requirement for current equipment to reduce power consumption while ensuring air pressure.

Advanced requirements

It is necessary to improve the advanced nature of the sandblasting room as much as possible, which is mainly reflected in the efficiency, convenient and safe control, and dust treatment. It can be said that the advanced nature is the summary of the above four items.

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Sandblasting room application range

Pretreatment: Electroplating, painting, spraying, etc. are all covered by sandblasting before processing, the surface is absolutely clean, and at the same time, the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability of the covering layer are greatly improved.

Cleaning: remove oxide scale, residue and dirt from metal workpieces such as castings, stamping parts, welding parts, and heat-treated parts; clean the surface of non-metallic products, remove black spots on the surface of ceramic blanks and restore paint patterns, etc.

Refurbishment of old parts: refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, and electromechanical equipment. At the same time, the fatigue stress is eliminated and the service life is prolonged.

Light decoration: all metal products and non-metal products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) surface traces are eliminated, and the argon light matte surface treatment can improve the quality of the product surface.

Mould processing: Argon light matte processing on the mould surface, graphics and text production, and mould cleaning, so as not to damage the mould surface and ensure the precision of the mould.

Burr treatment: the micro burr of machined parts is removed, and the plastic overflow burr of injection-molded parts is eliminated.

Rework of defective products: Removal of defective covering layers of products, removal of poor surface coloring and printing.

Strengthening: Increase the surface hardness of metal parts and eliminate stress, such as surface treatment of aircraft blades, springs, machining tools and weapons.

Etching anti-skid processing: metal products, non-metal products surface etching patterns, text and anti-skid treatment, such as: marble, handle anti-skid, seals, stone inscriptions and so on.

Treatment of denim clothes: The effect of scrubbing, whitening and cat whiskers on denim clothes is achieved.

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Guidelines for safe operation of blasting room

 1. Check before start working.

  • Check whether each safety shield is complete and reliable.
  • Check whether each control power supply is connected reliably and whether the grounding is reliable.
  • Check whether the main gas circuit connection is firm and reliable, and whether the fasteners are loose.
  • Check whether the handle switch circuit and the sandblasting pipe are damaged, whether the joints and spray guns are worn, and whether the joints and spray guns are worn.
  • Check whether the flexible connection parts are damaged.
  • Check whether the oil level in the fan coupling meets the requirements. If it is abnormal or does not meet the requirements, it must be dealt with and replaced in time to prevent accidents.
  • The air storage tank, pressure gauge, and safety valve should be inspected regularly. The filter element in the sand tank should be inspected and sorted out once a week, and the filter element should be replaced according to the degree of wear and tear of the filter element.

2. Add abrasive

  • Check whether the abrasive size of the purchased sand meets the requirements of the specification.
  • The sandblasting abrasive size should be consistent with the work requirements.
  • When adding abrasive, clean and screen the foreign matter in the abrasive.

3. Trial sandblasting

  • Start the air compressor and ventilation and dust removal equipment five minutes before work, and run it for five minutes to see if the operation is normal.
  • The compressed air valve should be opened slowly, the air pressure must not exceed 0.8mpa, and carefully observe whether the fan is running normally.

4. Sandblasting

  • Move the work into the sandblasting room and place it smoothly. Small pieces must be reliably fixed.
  • Turn on the backflush gas source and the backflush control switch.
  • Wear sandblasting overalls and take precautions before sandblasting.
  • Hold the spray gun (the muzzle is not allowed to face people), aim the gun muzzle at the sandblasting part of the workpiece, and start the handle switch to start the operation.
  • During the sandblasting operation, it is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the operating parts, the machine should be ordered and the power supply should be cut off.

5. Shut down

  • Turn off the handle switch and stop the sandblasting operation.
  • Turn off the dust removal fan.
  • After the dust removal fan is stopped, keep the backflushing air source and the backflushing power supply and continue to backflush the dust for about 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the air supply and power supply.
  • Clean the equipment, arrange the blasting tools and guards.
  • Clean up the dust.

6. Others

  • Regular cleaning (100 hours of work, high humidity areas, compressed air not freeze-drying may shorten the cleaning cycle) the abrasive and dust adhering to the filter cartridge in the dust collector to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  • Before starting the machine, the ball valve at the lower part of the air bag must be opened, and the condensed water in the air bag must be drained, so as not to affect the blowback effect.
  • The gate must be closed during blasting.
  • When the trolley enters and exits, it should prevent hitting the gate or personnel, and pay attention to prevent the sandblasting pipe from being pressed.
  • It is forbidden to leave large particles or soft objects such as cigarette butts, cotton yarn, screws, etc. in the sandblasting room, so as not to enter the honeycomb floor and cause blockage.
  • It is forbidden to cover the air supply opening of the recycling floor (the position of the end of each honeycomb floor) or add sand from here, so as to avoid the sand recycling being ineffective or blocking the recycling pipeline.
  • The opening of the recovery fan and the dust removal fan should be carried out after one of them is running stably, so as not to start at the same time and cause the starting current to be too large.
  • After each work, all residual abrasives in the sandblasting room must be recovered.
  • The protective net of the lighting fixtures in the sandblasting room should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the fixtures.
  • The dust collector should release ash once a week, and the released ash should be cleaned up in time.
  • The cyclone dust collector should release ash once a week, and the released ash should be cleaned up in time.
  • Regularly check the oil level in the bearing gearbox of the dust removal fan, and add oil if necessary.
  • The dust collection of the filter cartridge should be checked through the dust collector observation window every six months. If the filter cartridge is found to collect too much dust or is damaged, it should be cleaned or replaced in time.
  • Every half month, the external spray chain, screw mechanism and internal spray rack and pinion mechanism should be checked and cleaned and lubricated.
  • Whether the sensor is in good condition should be checked every half month. The detection method is to use the metal sheet induction sensor in the power-on state, the light is on as normal, and the light is off as damaged.

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