How to deal with the base surface to improve the adhesion of epoxy resin floor

Epoxy resin floor has been widely used in our life. The adhesion of epoxy resin floor is one of the important indexes to guarantee the service life of the floor.

We want to improve the adhesion when we carry out the construction of epoxy resin floor, so how should we improve the adhesion of our epoxy resin floor?

Before the construction of epoxy resin floor, the cement base, terrazzo base and carborundum base must be pretreated.

Only when the surface is polished rough, can the ground and the epoxy primer layer bond well, enhance the adhesion, make the epoxy floor paint surface compressed and not easy to fall off after being impacted.

The main mechanical equipment for ground grinding are water mill, milling machine, dust-free grinder and shot blasting machine, etc. Among them, the best grinding effect is shot blasting machine. In some areas, many customers require to use shot blasting machine for ground grinding.

The shot blasting machine is equipped with a lot of small particles of steel shot. The machine is accelerated mechanically to make the steel shot hit the ground at a very high speed, roughen the ground, then rebound and suck it back into the air separator, where the separation of the steel shot from dust and impurities is completed. The good steel shot enters the shot blasting chamber for recycling, and the dust and impurities are transported to the dust remover.

The ground treated by shot blasting machine will form a very uniform and fine pitted surface on the surface, which can be closely bonded with epoxy floor paint. The ordinary grinding machine, or circle grinding, grinding out a circle of arc, or grinding the surface, the low concave is often not polished.

Because the old paint ground is smooth, it needs to be completely roughened or cleaned completely, which needs to be treated by shot blasting machine.

Especially for the smooth and hard ground, such as the diamond hardened ground, the general grinder can’t grind out any trace, so it can only idle, so it needs more shot blasting machine treatment.

There is no moisture-proof course or ground with heavy underground moisture. In order to prevent the ground water pressure from pushing the epoxy floor paint out of bubbles and blisters, it is also necessary to increase the adhesion and polish it.

Even if it is not the common ground of the above type, in order to make the floor paint and the ground more closely and firmly, and make the adhesion and service life of the floor paint more lasting, it is better to use shot blasting machine.

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