The operation process of sandblasting room

The most widely used sandblasting room in the field of rust removal of workpieces is the automatic sandblasting room, which is applied to various industries and has the advantages of convenient operation and high production efficiency. The operation process of the automatic sandblasting room equipment is as follows.

  1. The gas storage tanks, pressure gauges, and valves of the automatic sandblasting room should be checked regularly. The gas storage tank discharges dust once every two weeks, and the filter in the sand tank is checked once a month.
  2. Check whether the ventilation pipe of the sandblasting equipment and the door of the automatic sandblasting equipment are sealed. Five minutes before work, the ventilation and dust removal equipment must be activated. When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the equipment is prohibited from working.
  3. Wear protective equipment before work. It is not allowed to operate automatic sandblasting equipment with bare arms.
  4. The compressed air valve of automatic sandblasting equipment should be opened slowly, and the air pressure must not exceed 0.8MPa.
  5. It is not allowed to blow dust on the body with compressed air in the automatic sandblasting room.
  6. When the sandblasting equipment is working, no unrelated persons are allowed to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the operating parts, the machine should be shut down.
  7. The sandblasting equipment’s operating procedures The sand size should be compatible with the work requirements, generally between ten and twenty, and the sand should be kept dry.
  8. After the work is finished, the ventilation and dust removal equipment of the automatic sandblasting machine should continue to operate for five minutes and then shut down to discharge indoor dust and keep the site clean.

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Maintenance of sandblasting room

In order to make the sand blasting room have a longer service life and prevent possible dangers, we must maintain and maintain the blasting room regularly. So how to maintain the sand blasting room?

The sandblasting room is a kind of equipment that meets the current environmental protection needs. During the use of the equipment, if you want to always maintain the use and environmental performance of the equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance are indispensable.

Sandblasting pipeline, gas path

Check whether the sandblasting hose is damaged and replace it immediately. Check whether the connection is firm, and if there is leakage, eliminate it immediately.

Check the damage, wear and connection of the air pipe to ensure that each joint is sealed reliably. If it is worn, it should be replaced immediately.

Floor recovery system

At work and after get off work every day, check whether there are large impurities in the  floor recovery system, if so, it should be removed.

Artificial respirator

Before going to get off work, check whether the protective glass of the respirator is damaged or whether it affects the processing operation. If it is affected, replace it immediately. Ensure personal safety; check the air filter and air source of the respirator to ensure normal air supply.

Because the glass of the protective clothing is fragile, it should be handled with care during sandblasting. Don’t touch it indiscriminately, and it should be kept stable when not in use.

Blasting gun, nozzle

Check the wear of the gun and nozzle, if it is severely worn or the efficiency of the sandblasting process is significantly reduced, replace it immediately.

Environmental protection sandblasting room Because the nozzle, protective clothing glass, spray gun switch and other parts are fragile, you should hold it gently during sandblasting, do not shake or touch, and keep it steady when not in use.

Sand control valve sand discharge adjustment lever

Check whether the adjusting rod is worn out and must be replaced in advance.

Protective rubber in the room

Check whether the rubber in the room is damaged and whether it is replaced according to the situation.

Door, safety power switch, gun switch

Check whether the gate control safety switch and spray gun switch are sensitive and effective. If the action fails, it should be repaired immediately.


Check the seals, especially the door seals. If they are found to be invalid, they should be replaced immediately.

Electrical control

Check whether the operation control buttons of each device are normal. If an abnormality is found, it should be repaired immediately.


Check the protective glass, ballast and bulb usage of the lamp.

Filter dust box ash box

Clean the dust in the dust box of the filter element and the dust box of the separator before work.

According to the above-detailed understanding of the maintenance and maintenance methods of the environmental protection sandblasting room, the equipment can be used better, the failure of the equipment can be reduced, and the service life of the equipment can be prolonged on the premise of ensuring the efficiency of the equipment.

Sandblasting suit

Whenever workers are sandblasting, the steel sand will hit the surface of the workpiece, and at the same time, the steel sand will splash around, the splashing steel sand will hurt the workers, and the workpiece will produce a lot of dust after descaling, the dust will cause harm to the human respiratory system, so the workers must wear protective clothing and sandblasting helmets whenever they work. Sandblasting suits are used to protect workers. They consist of sandblasting helmets, sandblasting suits, gloves, and breathing filters, with which workers can work safely when they wear them.


Abrasive blasting is the process of cleaning the surface of rough chemical parts by using the impact of steel sand at high speed. Abrasive blasting with sands containing crystalline silica can cause serious or fatal respiratory disease. We use steel grit instead of abrasives containing Silicon dioxide to protecting workers. There are many different types of steel shot, including steel grit, steel shot, cut shot, abrasive shot and stainless steel shot, and the type of shot to be used when blasting is adjusted to suit different needs.

Advantages of sandblasting room

The sandblasting room can be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s product characteristics and sandblasting requirements. There is no need to design and manufacture complex foundations, which saves foundation construction costs and greatly saves engineering costs. There is no need for a large amount of abrasives to be stocked in the recycling spiral.

The abrasive recovery rate The main electrical components are imported products, which have the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, long service life, simple maintenance, etc.; the sandblasting room has high-definition visibility inside the chamber, and the room body is naturally filled with air, which saves energy Consumption; the sandblasting room adopts two-stage dust removal, the first stage adopts a cyclone separator, and the second stage adopts a filter-type dust removal system.

The total dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.99%; on the upper part of the front roof of the sandblasting room, there is a sound “Light alarm system” is equipped with an emergency stop call button in the sandblasting room; the electrical control of each system adopts interlocking control. When one of the systems fails, the related systems stop working and the spray gun stops spraying; the sandblasting room adopts Architectural decoration design, simple appearance, beautiful, standardized, good noise reduction effect, and convenient installation.

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