hanger type shot blasting machine (2)

How to extend the service life of shot blasting machine

Blasting equipment to be checked every day

(1) Whether the fixing bolts on the blast turbines and theblast turbines motor are loose;

(2) Wear of the wear parts in the blasting chamber and replace them in time;

(3) Whether the access door is closed;

(4) Whether there is air leakage in the dust collector pipe, and whether the filters have dust or broken;

(5) Whether there is any accumulation on the filter screen in the separator;

(6) Whether the electric control gate valve is closed;

(7) Wear condition of guard plate in the blasting chamber

(8) Whether the status of each limit switch is normal;

(9) Whether the signal light on the console works normally;

(10) Clean the dust on the electrical control box.

Blasting equipment to be checked every month

(1) Check the condition of fixing the bolts of abrasive dosing system;

(2) Check that the transmission part is operating normally and lubricate the chain;

(3) Check the wear and fixing of the fan and duct.

Blasting equipment to be inspected quarterly

(1) Check the integrity of the bearing and electric control cabinet, and add grease or lubricating oil;

(2) Check the wear of the wear-resistant guard plate of blast turbines

(3) Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connections of the motor, sprocket, fan and screw conveyor;

(4) Replace the bearing on the main bearing of the blast turbines with a new high-speed grease.

Blasting equipment to be checked every year

(1) Check the lubrication of all bearings and add new grease; check the corrosion of the air duct of the cylinder and the oil accumulation on the inner wall. If the corrosion is serious, replace it; if there is more oil, clean it;

(2) Repair the dust collector, if it is damaged, replace it, if it is sticky, clean it;

(3) Overhaul all motor bearings;

(4) Replace or weld the guard plate in the blasting chamber.

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