How to install shot blasting machine dust collector

Pulse dust collector refers to removing the dust attached the filter medium(bag or filter cartridge)by blowing compressed air. According to the size of the pulse dust collector there  may be several sets of pulse valves which are controlled by a pulse controller or PLC, open one set of pulse valves at a time to remove the dust it controls that part of the bag or filter cartridge and other bags or filter cartridge work normally. After a period of time ,the next set of pulse valves opens to clean the next part.

The lifting of the pulse dust collector should pay attention to prevent deformation. When the equipment leaves the factory the key parts are welded with lifting ears , please use the lifting ears for lifting. After the installation of the pulse dust collector box、bag room、air inlet and outlet、ash hopper, etc. All the joints shall be sealed and airtight. If welding and sealing are required ,airtight welding must be implemented and those with fasteners must be sealed and tighten all fasteners. For local air leakage use silicone or epoxy to stop the rain. The  seal of the bag filter is an important factor affecting normal operation and life. The pulse bag filter requires an air leakage rate of less than 3%.

When assembling the gas circuit part, the main air pipe has been made separately in the factory. As long as the site is assemble , the control air pipe( connected to the lift valve cylinder) must be installed on the site for blanking and sleeve buckle. The presence of debris all joints should be filled with sealing materials and leak proof after pressure test.

The installation of bag cage and filter bag is the most careful and careful work in the whole installation. Therefore ,it should be installed at the end . During the installation, the filter bag must not collide with the sharp and hard objects or be scratched. The life of the dust filter bag is greatly shortened. The method of installing the filter bag is to first put the dust-removing cloth bag into the bag chamber from the hole in the box of the box body, and then pinch the spring ring in the upper part of the bag into a concave shape, put it into the hole plate in the box, and then restore the spring ring It is pressed tightly on the circumference of the flower hole, and finally the bag cage is gently inserted from the mouth of the bag until the cover on the upper part of the bag cage is indeed pressed on the hole of the flower plate in the box. In order to prevent stepping on the filter bag, it is required to install a dust-removing frame for each filter bag installed.

dust collector1

Installation precautions:

In the installation of the bag dust collector, many operations such as welding must be performed, which will cause certain dust and other problems. At the same time, during the installation of the shell, there are quite a few temporary supports, so after the installation is completed, the temporary supports need to be removed in time, and the ash discharge valve under the ash bucket is removed. The interior of the dust collector is carefully cleaned. After cleaning, install the ash discharge valve. Otherwise, the problem of clogging the ash discharge valve is easy to occur during installation, which seriously affects the later use.

dust collector3

What should be paid attention to after the successful installation of pulse dust collector?

1、Connect the compressed air, check the joints of the compressed air pipeline, the shut-off valve, the water separator filter, the pressure regulator, and the oil mist device.

2、Start the ash conveying motor and see if it can work normally.

3、Measure the dynamic pressure value at the air inlet short pipes of the ash hopper. If the readings are not the same, use a manual butterfly valve to adjust and keep them flat to ensure that the load of each filter room is flat. Manual butterfly valve is locked.

4、The bag dust collector is controlled by electric ash, and the main fan is started. When the bag filter starts to run the dust, do not start the blowback dust removal equipment immediately. The dust should be gradually accumulated inside and outside the filter bag.

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