How to install shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machine is used to remove sticky sand and oxide scale in casting and forging parts. It mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the shot sand out and hit the surface of the part at high speed to meet the requirements of surface treatment. Shot blasting machine is the non-standard machine, it can according to the customers requirements to do some special design.

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine for Malaysian customers 2

Many customers worry that our engineers can not install the machine in site because of the COVID-19. How to installation the roller conveyor shot blasting machine has become a difficult problem for customer whether to purchase the machine.

Today let QGMA Machinery tell you some installation step of install roller conveyor shot blasting machine.

Space Requirements

Sufficient space must be provided for the installer to assemble and move the transported parts, the elevator belt shaft and the shot blasting wheel, and have unobstructed passages. Also consider that there is enough space on the loading and unloading device to load and unload the workpiece.

Environmental Impact

The temperature around the control cabinet must not be higher than 40°C. The operator’s work area should have adequate lighting.

The surrounding area of the machine must be kept clean, and oil spills and pellet debris must be removed immediately.

Fixation of shot blasting machine on foundation

Drill holes in the foundation, paying attention to the diameter and depth of the holes. Thoroughly clean the foundation holes.Blow at least twice, wash twice and blow twice. Uncleaned foundation holes will reduce load-bearing capacity.

Pour cement slurry into the foundation hole and ensure that there is no air bubbles (the depth of the cement slurry is about 2/3 of the hole depth). Push the anchor bolt while gently rotating it into the bottom of the foundation hole. When the anchor bolt reaches the bottom, the cement slurry should be flush with the surface of the foundation.

If the cement slurry is not level with the surface of the foundation after the anchor bolts are in place, immediately pull out the anchor bolts and pour the cement slurry into the foundation holes. The shot blasting machine can be fixed only when the cement slurry is completely hardened.

How to installation the shot blasting machine 1

Installation of Dust Collector

There must be enough space to remove dust after installing the dust collector. Usually only one flange is welded to each pipe. The second flange must be welded to the assembly.

The ignition of fine dust can cause fire and explosion hazards. In order to avoid static charges, all contacts on the duct system must be equipotentially connected and grounded. Dust deposits in the ducts can cause fires and dust explosions. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, light or ignite near the dust collector and the machine.

Installation of shot blasting machine

  1. Measure the foundation.
  2. Mark the foundation of the shot blasting machine, bucket elevator and screw conveyor and the position marks of the bracket and dust collector according to the installation and static load plan. Check the levelness of the machine parts.
  3. Assemble shot blasting chamber.
  4. Install all blast wheels and motors.
  5. Install the platform, screw conveyor, abrasive storage hopper feed valve and abrasive feed valve.
  6. Install pneumatic components.
  7. Install the separator.
  8. Arrange all the machine parts.
  9. Install the dust removal pipe to the dust collector.
  10. Install the exhaust pipe and other pipelines.
  11. Install and connect the bucket elevator belt.

How to installation the shot blasting machine 2

Electrical Installation

Electrical installation includes all wiring and wiring installation of the shot blasting machine. Electrical assembly can only be completed by qualified electrical technicians.

Do not install the control room directly on any transportation or passageway. Must be easily accessible.

The electrical components of the control room and the machine (motors, limit switches, proximity switches, valves, sensors, control boxes, emergency stop buttons, etc.) should be connected according to the circuit diagram. The size of the cable has been explained in the electrical diagram. All devices and cables must be installed according to the label on the circuit icon.

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