How to operate the sandblasting room correctly

 What are the safe operating procedures for sandblasting rooms and sandblasters? The following is a detailed description of these two aspects of knowledge. Among them, the safety operating procedures of the sandblasting room are divided into several parts, including inspection, sanding, sandblasting, sandblasting, shutdown and other parts before starting up. Hope The following introductions will enable readers to understand the safe operating procedures of the sandblasting room and sandblasting workers.

 The safe operation rules of the sandblasting room

  1. Check before starting

(1) Check whether the safety shields are complete and fixed reliably.

(2) Check whether the control power supply is connected reliably and whether the grounding is reliable.

(3) Check whether the main gas circuit connection is firm and reliable and whether the fasteners are loose.

(4) Check whether the pipes such as the handle switch circuit and the sandblasting pipe are damaged, whether the joints and spray guns are worn, and whether the joints and spray guns are worn.

(5) Check whether the soft connection parts are damaged.

(6) Check whether the oil level in the fan coupling meets the requirements. Any abnormalities or non-compliance with requirements must be dealt with and replaced in time to prevent accidents.

(7) Gas storage tanks, pressure gauges, and safety valves should be inspected regularly. The filter element in the sand tank should be inspected and sorted out once a week, and the filter element should be replaced according to the degree of loss of the filter element.

  1. Add sand

(1) Check whether the size of the selected sand material meets the requirements of the specification.

(2) The blasting particle size should be consistent with the work requirements.

(3) Clean the foreign matter in the abrasive when adding sand.

  1. Test sandblasting

(1) The air compressor and ventilation and dust removal equipment must be started five minutes before work, and run dry for five minutes to observe whether the operation is normal.

(2) The compressed air valve should be opened slowly, and the air pressure must not exceed 0.8mpa. Carefully observe whether the fan is operating normally.

How to operate the sandblasting room correctly 1

  1. Sandblasting

(1) Move the work into the blasting room and place it in a stable manner. Small pieces must be allowed to be fixed.

(2) Turn on the back-blowing air source and back-blowing control switch.

(3) Wear sandblasting overalls and protect them before sandblasting.

(4) Hold the spray gun (the muzzle is not allowed to face people), aim the muzzle at the sandblasting part of the workpiece, and activate the handle switch to start work.

(5) During sandblasting operations, no unrelated persons are allowed to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the operating parts, the machine should be ordered and the power supply should be cut off.

  1. Shut down

(1) Turn off the handle switch and stop the sandblasting operation.

(2) Turn off the dust removal fan.

(3) After the dust removal fan stops, keep the back-blowing air source and back-blowing power supply to continue back-blowing the dust for about 5 minutes.

(4) Turn off the air source and power supply.

(5) Clean the equipment, tidy up sandblasting tools and protective devices.

(6) Clean up dust.

  1. Other

(1) Regularly clean the abrasives and dust adhering to the filter cartridge of the dust collector to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(2) Before starting the machine, the ball valve at the bottom of the air bag must be opened to drain the condensed water of the air bag, so as not to affect the blowback effect.

Safety operating rules for sandblasters

  1. When working, you must wear dust masks and protective glasses.
  2. Before sandblasting, start the ventilation and dust removal equipment and check whether all parts of the equipment are normal.
  3. When there is no ventilation and dust removal equipment or the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, sandblasting is not allowed.
  4. The sandblasting chamber door and observation glass window must be closed before sandblasting can be carried out.
  5. When starting the sandblasting machine, turn on the compressed air switch first, and then turn on the sand controller; when shutting down, stop the sand controller first, and then stop the compressed air.
  6. The observation glass must be transparent. The nozzle of the sandblasting should be kept unblocked, and repaired if it is blocked, and the sandblasting machine should not be hit.

How to operate the sandblasting room correctly 2

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