How to operate the tumble belt shot blasting machine

The tumble belt shot blasting machine uses high-strength wear-resistant rubber belt or manganese steel belt to load workpieces. It uses a high-speed rotating impeller to throw abrasive onto the workpiece in the chamber to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Tumble belt shot blasting machine is a kind of shot blasting machine used to clean small workpieces. This shot blasting machine is very fast and convenient to use. However, if the operation is improper, it will damage the belt and increase the cost. Today, QGMA Machinery will introduce to you how to operate the tumble belt shot blasting machine correctly to avoid malfunctions.

Operation steps of tumble belt shot blasting machine:

  1. The operator of the tumble belt shot blasting machine must have a full understanding of the working principle, operation method and lubrication of the tumble belt shot blasting machine.
  2. Pour the abrasive of the shot blasting machine into the machine, then put the workpieces to be cleaned and close the feeding door. Make preparations for work.
  3. Turn on the dust collector, the motor works for a certain period of time, and the fan starts to work.
  4. Turn on the bucket elevator, the belt forward rotation, the blasting wheel and the abrasive dosing device in turn to start cleaning. After the blasting wheel is completely stopped, open the feeding door and press the belt reverse button to automatically discharge the material.
  5. After all the work is completed, the dust collector should be closed in time.
  6. In the ventilation and dust removal system, two butterfly valves are installed. Adjust the two butterfly valves according to the situation to obtain a good separation effect.

In fact, whether it is a tumble belt shot blasting machine or other types of shot blasting machines, the installation needs to follow strict requirements. In view of the installation problem of the user operating the tumble belt shot blasting machine, QGMA Machinery will take you to fully understand the steps to install the crawler shot blasting machine correctly.

How to operate the tumble belt shot blasting machine 1

Installation steps of tumble belt shot blasting machine:

  1. Check

Check the appearance of the blast turbine to see if it is intact.

Check and inspect the instruction manual and factory certificate of the shot blasting machine.

Check whether the parts of the shot blasting machine are complete and whether there are traces of damage to each part. At the same time, check the shot blasting abrasives used by the equipment.

  1. Compare

Before installed the shot blasting machine, the drawings need to be compared. The geometric limit deviation, levelness and plumbness tolerance of the equipment must meet the requirements of the construction acceptance specification.

Before installing the crawler shot blasting machine, it is necessary to transfer the equipment foundation, embedded parts and compare the coordinate position, elevation, and external dimensions.

  1. Acceptance

Look at the embedded bolts, check and accept whether the height, specification, thread, length of the embedded bolts, the cleanliness of the surface, and the position of its root center meet the standards.

The nuts and threads of the anchor bolts embedded during the installation of the equipment need to be checked and accepted for protection.

How to operate the tumble belt shot blasting machine 2

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