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How to remove the steel shot on the surface of the steel plate after shot blasting?

As one of the raw materials of most steel products, steel plates usually require high surface adhesion. One way to achieve high-strength surface adhesion is shot blasting.

We have two kind of shot blasting machine suitable for blast steel plate:

  1. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine

steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine    2. Movable shot blasting machine

movable shot blasting machine

But many customers will worry about a problem. After the shot blasting, there is steel shot on the surface of the steel plate. How do I clean it?


Don’t worry, QGMA will give you a satisfactory solution.

  1. For movable shot blaster, that with auto recycle system. When the machine is working, the recycle system also working, that can recycle the used steel shot automatically. Also the shot blaster with Magnetic Sweeper, that can recycle extra steel shot.
  2. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine, that with abrasive cleaning up system, will remove the abrasive and dust that on the steel plate surface.

Abrasive cleaning up system including: brush, screw conveyor, abrasive blowing fan and lifting mechanism.

All the abrasive cleaning up system into the rear sealing chamber. After blasting, the steel plate in the rear sealing chamber, the lifting mechanism spirally lowers the brush and screw conveyor to an appropriate height according to the height of the steel plate, then it working. High – pressure fans release high – intensity wind, that can blow the steel shot on the surface of steel plate, and then the brush sweeps the steel shot to the screw conveyor, then into the recycle system. After abrasive cleaning up system working, the surface of steel plate no any steel shot and dust. Customer can do painting working and drying working.

roller brush 1

Because we are very professional in steel plate shot blasting machine, CNPC ( China National Petroleum Corporation) has ordered 1 set steel plate roller conveyor shot blasting machine from QGMA on last month.

We are very professional in blasting machine, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in blasting equipment!

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