How to solve common problems of shot blasting machine

In the process of using shot blasting machine, we always have some problems, such as the dust collector with lower efficiency, the bucket elevator belt slippage, etc. Now QGMA Machinery will introduce some common problems and solutions to you, which can prolong the service life of the shot blasting machine.

Too much steel shot in dust collector

Reason: The separator air volume is too large.

Solution:  Properly adjust the tuyere baffle until the dust removal effect can be ensured, but it is better not to suck out the projectiles.

Low dust efficiency of dust collector

  1. Solution: The wiring of the dust collector fan is wrong, the fan is reversed and the wiring is re-wired;
  2. Solution: The filter cartridge in the dust collector is not installed firmly or damaged or lacks the filter cartridge;
  3. Solution: The joints of the dust removal pipes are not well sealed to ensure the sealing of all parts;
  4. Solution: The cleaned work piece does not fall out as required, the molding sand remains too much and the dust content of the dust removal inlet is too high;
  5. Solution: The back-blowing mechanism of the dust collector is not activated or the number of activations is small, the filter cartridge is blocked by dust and the dust attached to the filter cartridge is removed in time.

How to solve common problems of shot blasting machine 1

Bucket elevator does not operate

  1. Reason: Clamp

Solution: Remove the oversized particles at the bottom of the elevator;

2. Reason: The belt slips.

Solution: Adjust the drive wheel tensioning device to tighten the belt;

3. Reason: There are too many shots at the bottom of the hoist.

Solution: Stop the machine in order and remove the shots.

The cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine is not ideal

  1. Reason: Insufficient supply of projectiles.

Solution: Add new projectiles appropriately;

  1. Reason: The shooting direction of the shot blasting device is not accurate.

Solution: Adjust the window position of the directional sleeve of the shot blasting device;

  1. Reason: The particle size of the steel shots is suitable.

Solution: The particle size of the steel shots is re-selected;

  1. Reason: If the steel shots are agglomerated or used for too long.

Solution: Replace the steel shots.

 The door of the blasting room does not work or cannot be opened

Reason: The door shaft is not well lubricated.

Solution: Add lubricating oil.

 The machine is not agile

  1. Reason: Relevant electrical components are damaged.

Solution: Check and replace;

  1. Reason: There is too much dust and dirt in the electrical box. The electrical contacts are in poor contact

Solution: Suggest to clean or replace.

  1. Reason: Too much dust and dirt on the time relay.

Solution: Suggest to clean or replace.

How to solve common problems of shot blasting machine 2

 Screw conveyor does not work

  1. Reason: The steel shot are blocked.

Solution: Shut down in order and clear the pellets;

  1. Reason: The spiral shaft is bent.

Solution: The outer diameter of the blade is corrected or polished;

  1. Reason: The welding seam of the screw shaft head is broken

Solution:  Re-welding.

Poor separation effect of separator

  1. Reason: Uneven flow curtain.

Solution: Adjust the flow control panel to achieve full curtain;

  1. Reason: The wind speed in the separation zone is suitable.

Solution: Adjust the butterfly valve of the separator tuyere to make the wind speed in the separation zone reach 4~5m/s, and adjust the position of the first and second regulating plates.

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