What is sandblasting room, how it works?

Sandblasting room is also called air blasting booth, abrasive blasting room. It is suitable for clean the oxide scale, rust and coating of medium structure parts, irregular parts and batch processing parts surface, which can increase the adhesion between the workpiece and coating.

What is overhead rail shot blasting machine 1

What Is Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Machine

The overhead rail shot blasting machine, also known as continuous hanging shot blasting machine, which uses a suspension chain as a workpiece carrying device. On Aug 14th 2021, QGMA GROUP successfully accepted an overhead rail shot blasting machine after the installation at the customer site in China. Let me give a detailed introduction to this equipment.

what is shot blasting machine?

What Is Shot Blasting Machine?

Shot Blasting Machine is a surface preparation equipment that removes rust and oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece by steel shots or steel grits which thrown on the surface through high-speed rotating impellers. It is a machine for shot peening, cleaning metal parts such as forging, casting parts, steel surfaces, heavy metal structures, rusted metal parts, etc.


The shot blasting and painting line successfully accepted at the customer site

Qinggong Machinery production a set of shot blasting and painting line for our customer. Last week the machine is successfully accepted at the customer site. The cleaning effect and the coating effect are well received by the customer. The structure and the principle of shot blasting and painting line The structure of the shot blasting […]

What are the features of wire mesh shot blasting machine

What are the features of wire mesh shot blasting machine

Wire mesh shot blasting machine is designed to provide a high production for a variety of product sizes and shapes. Place the workpiece to be processed on the horizontal wire mesh belt conveyor that going through the shot blasting machine. It will offering a continuous cleaning solution for carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, special […]

Hook type shot blasting machine to clean the agricultural machinery

What is Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine?

Last week QGMA GROUP has delivered a set of hanger type shot blasting machine to Spain. The customer used the machine to clean the used wheels. The hanger type shot blasting machine mainly used in the casting industry, construction industry, and other industries. It is suitable for cleaning large, medium, and small workpieces, removing sand […]


What is tumble belt shot blasting machine?

The tumble belt shot blasting machine is the most flexible and the most economical equipment. The machine not only has a small land area but also can operate easily. The machine blasting chamber is composed of the high Chrome wear-resistant casting iron and natural rubber belt, which has high impact toughness and high service life, […]


Cylinder diabolo shot blasting machine

Cylinder shot blasting machine is mainly used to clean the surface of the surface of steel cylinders of various diameters. It can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the steel in the original state to remove the rust and rust layer and its oxide scale on it to obtain a certain degree smooth […]


How to operate the sandblasting room correctly

 What are the safe operating procedures for sandblasting rooms and sandblasters? The following is a detailed description of these two aspects of knowledge. Among them, the safety operating procedures of the sandblasting room are divided into several parts, including inspection, sanding, sandblasting, sandblasting, shutdown and other parts before starting up. Hope The following introductions will […]


Barrel type shot blasting machine trail run and pre-assemble in workshop

We had a set of barrel type shot blasting machine trail run and pre-assemble in our workshop. The machine is ordered by an American customer. They use the machine to blast some not easy to collide workpiece. In order to facilitate customer installation, we trail run the machine and make more videos for the customer […]