Most practical shot blasting machine–overhead rail shot blasting machine

Overhead rail shot blasting machines can provide services in many different production areas, e.g. foundries and forges. Hanger type blast cleaning machines offer ideal conditions for effective and economical blast cleaning. The use of hangers allows for the reliable and economical blast cleaning of components, from small to very large workpieces. The machine can be easily and smoothly integrated into an existing production line. Overhead rail shot blasting machine is a kind of single-stroke continuous shot blasting cleaning equipment. It has static loading and unloading of workpiece, automatic and rapid transportation and positioning, and rotating shot blasting cleaning of workpiece.The whole machine adopts conventional electrical control, and the conveying track of workpiece stepless speed regulation

What the situation to choose overhead rail shot blasting machine?

Overhead Rail shot blasting machine is suitable for large quantities of workpiece processing, one day can blast tens of thousands of workpiece. That is, when the customer needs to blast a large number of workpieces every day, that can consider overhead monorial shot blasting machine.

What products are suitable for use overhead rail shot blasting machine?

Overhead rail shot blasting machines are versatile blast cleaning machines for mixed loads of medium and large work pieces that frequently include fragile or irregularly shaped work pieces.: Such as brake pad, gear, valve and others. Mechanical parts: Such as trailer chassis, engine cylinder head, motor housing and others. It is the ideal choice for automobile, tractor, diesel engine, motor, valve and other industries

The overhead rail shot blasting machine is a very cost-effective and multi-function type shot blasting machine. Moreover, they are also a very compact type shot blasting machine, a small corner of the workshop is pretty enough for the overhead rail shot blasting machine to place.

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