Sandblasting room for Aluminum parts

Indoor sandblasting in a special sandblasting booth or sandblasting room, is an alternative to chemical stripping or outdoor blasting, and is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries.   The sandblasting room designed by QGMA can complete a wide range of blasting jobs for those big and irregular workpieces. QGMA has rich experience […]

Spring reinforcement shot blasting machine

What kind of shot blasting machine is used for car spring reinforcement? Maybe many customers don’t know how to choose, so today we will introduce you to the choice of shot blasting machine for car spring strengthening. In the field of auto parts, in addition to shot blasting, most of the parts involve shot blasting […]


QGMA Group has delivery one set sandblasting room to Chile

QGMA Group has produce one set sandblasting room for Chile customer, the size of room is 15m*6m*6m, with 2 units sandblasting machine and 2 blast guns. The customer used this machine to blast car frame, chassis and other big workpiece, the biggest size of workpiece is 12m*3.5m*3m. An abrasive blast facility reduces blasting costs and […]

Tunnel type shot blasting machine for Structure of tower crane1

Tunnel type shot blasting machine for Structure of tower crane

Tunnel type shot blasting machine is a non-standard shot blasting machine that is according to workpieces information to design. The Structure of tower crane tunnel type shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface treatment of tower crane structures to achieve the removal of rust, old patent leather, and old putty, etc. QINGGONG machinery has […]

hanger type blasting machine

QGMA undertake shot blasting machine project for CRCC train door production line

CRCC Corporation Limited is one of the biggest rolling stock building manufacturers in the whole worldand, mergered by CNR and CSR in 2015. CRCC is a leading rolling stock corporation and takes about 90% of China market. CRCC has also successfully expanded oversea markets like South-East Asia, South Asia, Europe, etc. QGMA is a manufacturer […]


QGMA has delivered the rotary table shot blasting machine

QGMA has loaded the container for delivery rotary table shot blasting machine today. Application of turn table shot blasting machine Rotary table shot blasting machine is suitable for casting, building, chemical, electric machine, machine tool and other industries such as casting, forging surface cleaning or strengthening. Especially for varies type small amount castings, forgings and […]

rubber belt shot blasting machine 6

How to change the Rubber apron for Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine?

What is Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine? Tumble belt shot blasting machine adopts the endless rubber apron to form a special barrel, to make the work pieces tumble continuously during shot blasting process .It is mainly used in forging work pieces and metal work pieces. Tumble belt shot blasting machine can be used not only […]

overhead rail shot blasting machine 5

Most practical shot blasting machine–overhead rail shot blasting machine

Overhead rail shot blasting machines can provide services in many different production areas, e.g. foundries and forges. Hanger type blast cleaning machines offer ideal conditions for effective and economical blast cleaning. The use of hangers allows for the reliable and economical blast cleaning of components, from small to very large workpieces. The machine can be easily and smoothly […]


Sandblasting Rooms That Everyone Should Know About

There are lots of people who have heard about the term sand-blasting room and also are making use of sandblast resist products as giveaways to their events and other parties.


Stone shot blasting machine assembly and testing photos at our workshop for our Turkey customers.

Near the Chinese New Year, the assembly and testing of a stone shot blasting machine has just been completed in our factory. This stone shot blasting machine is mainly equipped with the following configuration: 1. This stone shot blasting machine is equipped with 6 shot blasting machines, which are distributed around the blasting chamber, Which […]