Paver Block shot blasting machine for American customer

Paver Block shot blasting machine for American customer

Last week QGMA machinery shipped a set of paver block shot blasting machine to American customer. The customer is the block manufacturer in American. They only need to blast one side of the block. So our engineering team put two set of blast turbines up to the blasting chamber. In order to prevent the steel shot bring by the blocks our engineer design the blowing device at the outlet chamber.

The paver block shot blasting machine is a new type of shot blasting machine independently researched and developed by our company and it is also the manufacturer of the first stone shot blasting machine in China. The paver block shot blasting machine is specially used for the surface texturing process of the stone industry, replacing the original fire burning process. The fire process has high production safety hazards and poor results; the shot blasting process equipment has a large investment, but the efficiency is high, the effect is good and the operation is simple. It is safe ,reliable and is well received by users after being put into the market.

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The principle of the paver block shot blasting machine

Put the blocks on the loading roller conveyor and start the machine. The paver block enter into the blasting chamber by the roller. Turn on the blast turbines. The steel shot projectile on the block surface uniformly. After blasting, the paver block move out from the other side and the blowing device will blowing the steel shot fall into the screw conveyor. The steel shot will through the screw conveyor to bucket elevator and separator. Finally the cleaned steel shot will into the hopper to recycle to use.

The feature of the paver block shot blasting machine

1.The blast turbine produced by imported technology has good texture effect and high efficiency on the paver; the steel shot and paver block powder separation and purification system is good and the three-stage drum separator is used; the dust collector uses the internationally advanced pulse back blow bag dust collector for dust filtration in the stone industry; the electrical system adopts PLC control and manual control, which is convenient and simple to operate. The spoke conveying adopts frequency conversion speed control and the conveying speed can be set.

2.Blast turbine: It adopts the international advanced direct-connected blast turbines, the motor power can adjustment according to the working capacity, the speed is fast, the ejection force is strong and the ejection effect is good.

3.Separator: This machine adopts an advanced BE type full curtain separator. The separator is mainly composed of a sorting area, roller screen, conveying screw, abrasive hopper, pneumatic abrasive control valve, etc., which can completely separate crushed stones and steel shots. The separation efficiency reaches 99.9%.

QGMA machinery was established in 1975, quality always the most important for us. We still try our best to trail run and pre-assemble all parts of the machine before delivery. Although it will cost more money and time, but customers satisfaction is our highest goal.

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