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Huge quantities of sheet steel, profiles and fabrications have to be cleaned, treated and painted before final assembly. Preservation line is the processing technology that blasting steel plate or beam surface treatment and painting protection antirust paint before processing. After preservation can improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal components, improve fatigue resistance, extending its life; It also can optimize the production process state of steel surface, in favor of CNC cutting machine to cutting and precision blanking. Furthermore, since the workpiece before processing is regular shape, it is conducive to mechanical descaling and automated spray paint, so using preservation can reduce labor intensity and greatly improve the efficiency of clean-up operations, reducing pollution of the environment. Sheet widths of up to 5000mm can be processed, with passage speeds varying from 1.0m/min to 8.0m/min.

Preservation lines consist of pre-heating, shot blasting, painting and drying functions in one complete production line, can coat the work-pieces with a temporary painting which can last several weeks to protect the surface before final coating.

Main parts of Preservation Line

1.Cross transfer conveyor
2.Inlet roller conveyor
4.Shot blasting machine
5.Paint spray chamber
6.Paint supply system
7.Filter from VOC-System
9.Drying chamber
10.Slat conveyor
11.Outlet roller table
12.Cross transfer conveyor

shot blasting and painting machine blast effect

Key to Preservation line

Transport System

preservation line - roller conveyor 1QGMA offers various kinds of transport options for customers from different industries, roller conveyor system including rollers, chain, reducer, sprocket cover, and roller support.

A roller is first welding and then processing, to ensure the concentricity of the roller, running speed range 0-6 m/min with speed converter, material of roller is 45# carbon steel.

Cross conveyor for load and unload to higher efficiency, slat conveyor with spot contact instead of face contact for wet work-pieces after painting process.

Pre-heater systempreservation line -- Pre-heater system

This is used to remove residual moisture. It is normally positioned upstream from the blast machine, in order to ensure that the workpieces are dry before they enter the blast chamber. The products are also heated, in order to reach the necessary temperature to ensure quick drying of the primer.

Electric oven, infrared, direct flame by natural gas or oil heaters available, pre-heat work-pieces to loose corrosion for better blasting performance and faster coating drying speed.

Shot blasting system

preservation line - shot blasting partQGMA has designed high performance shot blasting machines which can be integrated into preservation lines for any industry.

High performance blast wheel adopts an abrasive dynamic design, which allows all abrasive leave the turbine when they reach the highest speed with the least internal bounce and self-wear. Also use high resistance liners made from high chrome cast steel, the abrasive hot zone has a maximum thickness up to 70 mm. 

Blast chamber used ZGMn13 steel guard, which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 55HRC.

preservation lineAbrasive cleaning up system

Including: brush, screw conveyor, abrasive blowing fan and lifting mechanism.
The material of brush is high strength MC nylon, it can use about 5 years.
The nozzles are adjustable in height and therefore adaptable for the treatment of different height steel plate.
After abrasive cleaning up system working, the surface of steel plate no any steel shot and dust.

Painting System

preservation line - painting 1As there is often a lengthy manufacturing or storage time between blasting and final coating, the workpieces are painted with a quick-drying, temporary anti-corrosion coating in the spray chamber in an airless spraying process (coating thickness approx. 15 – 25μm).

Airless painting, automatic direction switching unit instead of changing running direction of motor, linear track with low resistance, painting nozzle & gun separately layout to prevent painting gun pollution, exhaust air 3-level treatment (cotton filter, activated carbon and UV).

Drying Systempreservation line - drying chamber 1

Adopt dielectric Heaters and hot air circulation principle so that the heat can be fully utilized.

Drying room temperature adjustable from 40℃ to 70℃

Plate chain conveyor systems increase the eccentrical wheels, which saved the problems of deviation and high rate failure.


steel plate shot blasting machine 1

Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

Beams shot blasting machine 4

Beams Pass Through Shot Blasting Machine

roller conveyor shot blasting machine 3

Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine