Abrasive blasting room also called sand blasting room, play room, suitable for large work piece surface cleaning, rust removal, increase the work piece and the adhesion between the coating effects.

According to the abrasive way of recycling, peening room is divided into: mechanical recycling type shot blasting room and artificial recovery type shot blasting room.

The artificial recycling sandblasting room due to the economic and practical, simple, convenient, simple materials, greatly reduced the cost of sandblasting room cost, also accepted by many customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

Sandblasters Technology Data

 No. Name Standard Data Optional Data
1 Blasting Room Room  Length  (MM) 8000 6000,4000
Room Width (MM) 4000
Room Height  (MM) 3000
Room Door Width (MM) 2500
Room Door Height (MM) 2380
Workpiece Max. Size (MM) 2000*2400*2200(L*W*H)
2 Pressure System Pressure tank capability 280L
Shot gun number 1 PC gun (Standard
Customers Requirement
Steel shot flow adjust way Manual adjust flow+
pneumatic valve opening
and closing control
Blasting pressure adjust range 4-6bar
3 Steel shot recovery way Wind recovery Elevator recovery
Max  steel shot recovery capacity 250kg/min
4 Storage capacity 1.7T
Dust collector Secondary filtering device
Dust remove air flow 2250m3/h
Dust emission ≤5mg
Fan power 7.5KW
5 Electric cabinet Working pattern manual
Optional part Vibration sieve 0.55KW
Automatic door Pneumatic
6 Compressed air demand Air supply amount 10Nm3/h(blasting pressure
reach 5bar)
Air supply pressure 5-7bar
7 Install power Total power 8.5KW 9.05kw(with
vibrating screen)
8 The first adding steel shot quantity 1000kg