Composition of the Abrasive blasting cabinet system

1, Studio

2, Sandblast  system

3, Abrasive recycle system

4, Dust removal system

5,Workpiece conveying system

6,Control system

7,Lighting system

Applicable scope

Large castings and forgings welding steel structure, transformer oil tank, engineering machinery, locomotives, boiler manufacturing, chemical machinery, ship building blast cleaned, etc.

Product features

Abrasive blasting cabinet is our company in introducing foreign advanced cell technology based on the floor, , the development, the design of the environmental protection cellular gush arenaceous (shot) room by ourselves, according to customers’ product characteristics, sandblasting design requirements, etc. Cellular floor gush arenaceous room is the wind power by fan for abrasive materials, will back through the pipe to cyclone separator suction of separation and finally into gush arenaceous system recycling.


  1. Omitted conventional Sandblasting room sand conveying coal circulation system, screw conveyor a pattern lift machine and underground project, no need to build the pit and save foundation pit construction cost, greatly reduce the project cost;
  2. High  abrasive recycle efficiency, easy to change abrasive;
  3. The main electrical components are imported products, have the stable performance, safety and reliability, long life, easy maintenance;
  4. Sandblast room inside has high-resolution visibility, Chambers fill the wind, save energy natural consumption;
  5. This machine use double levels of dust removing, the first level is the cyclone separator, the second type is filter dust removal system. Its total removal efficiency may reach above 99.99%;
  6. In sandblast room roof, equipped with a “positive upper sound-light alarm system”, in the room, sandblast with abrupt stop call button;
  7. The electric control system uses interlock control, while one system malfunction, related system are to stop working, stop spraying gun;
  8. Building decoration design room body appearance, simple , beautiful, standard, good noise reduction result  and convenient installation.