Anchor chain shot blasting machine is a new type of special equipment designed and produced according to the requirements of users. It can be used for round-link chain, anchor line and wire shot blast cleaning. The 10-152 anchor chain can get cleaned in it.It Can not only remove the surface rust, oxide skin of work piece , but also can improve the anti fatigue strength of anchor line , increase the paint film adhesion of work piece, and ultimately improve the surface and internal quality.

Main parts

1.Blast cabinet
2.Blast wheel assembly
3.Roller conveyor system
4.Bucket elevator
5.Abrasive residue separator
6.Helical conveyor system
7.Abrasive feeding system
8.Dust collector
9.Electronic control system—PLC(option)

Work Process

To be cleaned of the anchor chain through the hanging at the entrance, the import wheel set by the sealed room to the clean room, the cantilever centrifugal shot blasting abrasive will be high-speed surface to be cleaned, the impact of the workpiece, scraping to clear The surface of the workpiece oxide and other accessories, shot blasting clean-up, the anchor chain was the body guide wheel sent out continuously, after the next sealed room, the export guide wheel was sent out of the main wheel discharge.

Features and Benefits  

The equipment compact structure, reasonable design , with high efficiency and energy saving, high blast volume, mass ejection velocity, long service life, convenient maintenance. The main clean interior lining with a layer of modular high strength alloy wear-resistant plate,  reduces the maintenance frequency, and make full use of clean steel shot rebound repeatedly against the workpiece to achieve.