With a standard range of containerised rooms in 20, 30 or 40ft, or the option of self-build packages, any size component can be catered for.

A wide selection of abrasive recovery floors and dust collection systems are available to suit any size room. Sweep in systems powered by compressed air are available off the shelf with built in abrasive cleaning and capacities of 2 or 4 tonnes per hour recovery rates.

Fully automatic floors with screw conveyers, bucket elevators, and storage hoppers can be supplied to customer specifications or customised in self assembly kits with drawings.

Standard Container Blast Room 20’0 x 30’0 x 40’0 x 8’0 wide and 8’6″/9’6″ high with semi or fully automatic abrasive recovery.

Custom Built Containers up to 50’0 long, 14’0 wide and 12’0 high with semi or fully automatic abrasive recovery. Handling equipment – either rail bogies or overhead cranes can be incorporated as required.