Continuous rocker barrel shot blasting machines are designed for big amount high performance cleaning. The work-pieces keep mixing and rolling while blasting for a high coverage. The rocking frequency, barrel tilt angle and abrasive amount are all determined by types of work-pieces. It is easy to integrate with other automatic production lines.

Production speed: 5 tons/hour to 25 tons/hour, available for work-pieces with different dimensions, weight an sensitiveness by customizing rocking frequency, barrel tilt angle and abrasive amount.

Multi-level reclaiming system can achieve a abrasive-contaminant separation effect up to 99%, primary and secondary magnet separators are available.

Rocker Barrel Blasting Machines provide a cost-effective means of cleaning from 5 to 30 tons per hour of ferrous and non-ferrous products including:

  • Manifolds
  • Cylinder sleeves
  • Connecting rods
  • Cams & pistons
  • Pipe fittings
  • Etc.

Key feature of overhead rail shot blasting machine

Continuous Rocker Barrel Shot Blasting Machine- blasting chamber

Blasting Chamber:

☆The blasting chamber is composed by structural profiles and all necessary components.
☆It is welded by steel pate and profiles which to ensure the rigidity and strength of the blasting chamber, the access door is greatly convenient for the machine maintenance and inspection
☆Shot blast cabinet is constructed of 12 mm high manganese steel plate with heavy structural reinforcement, the lifespan is more than 6 years
☆4-8 blast turbines are arranged reasonably at the top to ensure the best projectile ejection Angle, so as to thoroughly clean the workpiece.

Rocker barrel system:

Adjustable imbalance weight units equally distributed over the entire length of the processing bowl.

The polygon shaped rocker barrel has hump on inner surface to gently tumble the work-pieces.

Rocking angle of whole barrel system is 120°, tilt angle is adjustable according to work-pieces.

The rocker barrel is protected by 20mm thick Mn13 steel plate.
The drainage holes at the bottom of the inner are helpful for the discharge and recovery of abrasive.

Continuous Rocker Barrel Shot Blasting Machine- blasting chamber 2

3D drawings


Greatly reduced work force- for fettling, no workers are required to transport castings
Comfortable and safe working conditions- Gat cutting performed after blasting is more comfortable; No more hot and dusty work conditions
Saves floor space- compact layout is possible requiring only about half the floor space of an equiivalent batch type machine.
Reduced lead time- continuous blasting minimizes time loss.
Recovery of moulding and core sand during shot blasting by means of magnetic separator
Minimal pollution through complete control and capture of dust throughout the production line right from punchou.


Continuous Tumble Shot Blasting Machine 2

Continuous Tumble Shot Blasting Machine

Rotating drum shot blasting machine 1

Rotating Drum Shot Blasting Machine

rubber belt shot blasting machine 1

Tumble Belt shot Blasting Machine