This machine is situated within either an automated process or a continuous production line, it can automatically adapt to different throughputs. Wherein the workpieces can be loaded or unloaded continuously.  Flexible systems can quickly adapt to changes in production rates, lot size, finishing techniques and market demands.

There is practically no limit regarding parts size and shape and parts geometry.  Its major applications have been in the die-casting industry for mainly aluminum and zinc die-castings. Magnesium die-castings like, for example, such as brake pad, foundry returns, spare parts of machine and others.

Conveyor system

1. Powerful vibratory drive.
2. Adjustable imbalance weight units equally distributed over the entire length of the  processing bowl.
3. There is a steel mesh on the conveyor to screen out impurities.

Continuous Tumble Shot Blasting Machine 5

Blast chamber system:

1. Constantly rotating rubber belt: By means of smooth, constant tumbling, it makes the shot blasting of parts uniform. It is a belt which has a high resistance to wear and is perforated to let the shot drain out. They are manufactured in a wide range of capacities adapted to every production need.

2. Constantly rotating metal drum: It is suitable for shot blasting parts in bulk which can be tumbled. The smooth, constant rotation of the drum makes the cleaning of the parts uniform. It is a drum built completely out of wear-resistant steel (Mn13)without joints, as a result of which there is no risk for the parts or the machine itself.

3. The turbine speed and the speed of the transport system are adjustable with frequency   inverters allowing blasting of the parts with just the right intensity in the optimum time frame. While moving forward, the parts are simultaneously rotating which insures in the best possible cleaning effect and minimal wear on machine components and abrasive.

4. Continuous tumble belt blast machine is ideal for blasting of serial-produced work pieces.   In a typical continuous production flow, castings leave the moulding line and pass through the cooling and sand / castings separating systems into the blast cleaning system without any manual operation or floor transportation.

magnetic separator

This machine use high Efficiency Magnetic Separator, to clean system abrasive continuously at rates exceeding 99.98% separation of sand / shot. This is accomplished, even with very high sand loadings, by incorporating two high performance custom magnetic drums to separate the metallic from the sand prior to any air-wash. Using magnetic separator can increase the life of spare part to 4-5 years.