Removing remains of casting sand and cores, removing rust, removing old paint, removing visible signs of welding and noble cutting, removing oxidised layer caused by thermal treatment, deburring (pressure casting, sink forging, cutting,), microhandling (increasing surface solidity, reducint the impact of surface microcuts,…), preparing for surface protection (colouring, enamelling, galvanising, …), changing visual look of the surface (glossing,), shot blasting of casts, welded constructions and parts remodelled cold or hot of complicated forms, weighing from 5 to 10,000 kg, manufactured in medium and large series.

Blast cabinet

Welded by steel plates and profile steel, have enough strength and rigidity.

ZGMn13 steel guard plate, which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 55HRC.

High impact toughness can make full use of the reflection kinetic energy of shot to continue to blast cleaning the surface of work piece, so greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency and quality.

High chrome wear resistant cast iron grate guard plate which protect the screw conveyor and prevent big clump to get into the hopper damaging the bottom screw conveyor

Blast turbines

Cantilever centrifugal high efficiency blast wheel, can operate clockwise or counter-clockwise, optimum abrasive flow rate for faster cleaning.
impeller adopted #40 Chrome wear resistant cast iron.
High chrome wear resistant cast iron for blades, control cage, abrasive distributor.

Dynamic and static balance.

Blades of impeller weight tolerance≤±1.5g.
Unbalanced torque tolerance≤±7.5Nmm.
Direct drive blast wheel with special motor bearings means less spare parts, less noise, energy-efficient, large abrasive flow rate and good cleaning effect ,etc. advantages.

Machined housing ensures proper alignment of all internal parts.
Less part wear due to greater concentricity and more precise alignment.

Safety interlock is fitted on the housing cover to protect the workers safety.

Particular guard liner structure increase the abrasion resistant lifespan 60% to 200%.

Pneumatic Abrasive dosing units

Patented pneumatic control abrasive gate valve, which depend on cylinder to control stroke so as to control the blast wheel in long-distance. This avoids motor burned, blast wheel jammed, shot idling blast and people injured caused by common abrasive control valve closure lax

Abrasive flow is indicated at the ammeter at the electrical switch and control box.

Adjusting the bolt on the abrasive control valve can conveniently adjust the abrasive flow rate to an required amount
In order to be able to dismount the abrasive control unit from the silo for repair works and to avoid any abrasive outflow for each unit one manual slide is installed in front of the abrasive control unit.

Abrasive cleaner

Our patented abrasive cleaner is applied for recycling shot/grit, which is to ensures high quality blasted surface and munimal abrasive shot. As the abrasive is so durable it is able to be recycled hundreds of times, resulting in an extremely low abrasive breakdwon rate.

Critical to achieving this efficiency is the effectiveness of the abrasive recycling plant. Poorly designed or manufactured abrasive recycling systems will not correctly recycle the abrasive and are unable to maintain the correct abrasive working mix.

Our patented abrasive separator consists of an extended rotary separator drum that will totally remove all big clumps including big wast, scrap and paint chips etc. The abrasive is then fed through a gravity air wash separator where all dust, degraded abrasive and waste is drawn out of hte good abrasive by an air current.
Only good, correctly sized abrasive is fed back to the abrasive storage hopper and blast pots for recycling.
Our patented abrasive cleaner ensures maximum recyling rates of the abrasive and high quality surface finishing is achieved.