Diabolo roller conveyor shot blasting machine is suitable for blast cleaning inner/outer surfaces of steel pipes, gas steel bottles, Lpg Cylinders, poles and round components, Sucker rod, remove the scales and weld dregs, make it show metal color , increase its ratio surface area ,and improve the anti-fatigue force and anti-rust capacity of surface, improve the inherent quality of surface and prolong the lifetime


By means of lifting tools or other conveyors the tubes will be placed on the diabolo rollers and arrive at the blast machine. At that place they activate the signal threshold situated in front of the inlet sluice in order to start the automatic abrasives supply to the running high performance turbines. Through this, it is ensured that the blasting process only starts if there are work pieces in the blasting area.
After the blasting process the abrasives situated on the tubes falls into a hopper and is led back to the abrasives circulation. Powerful ventilators will blow abrasives remaining inside the tubes away.
The abrasives will be cleaned and kept in circulation for continuous use.

Features and Benefits

★The machine using Pneumatic control valve, which can avoid flying abrasive hurting people.
★Long life protective liner in blast cabinet, which can serve at least 13000 hours. Material is ZGMn13, 10mm thickness. And it is easy to replace when it is worn out.
★Many safety interlock in whole system to keep safe operation.
★PLC control system , can achieve automatic operation.

For steel pipe

Diabolo Roller Conveyor Shot Blaster 5
For Sucker rod, Steel bars, poles and round components
Diabolo Roller Conveyor Shot Blaster 6
For Gas/Lpg cylinders
Diabolo Roller Conveyor Shot Blaster 7