Movable Floor Shot Blasting Machine is focus in surface preparation for concrete industrial floors/roads, steel decks or asphalt surfaces etc. applications. The grinder removes surface contamination, improving the surface imperfection in a cost effective, high efficient and eco-friendly way. Different surface profiles can be achieved by adapting different abrasive size, blasting rate and the equipment traveling speed.


To clean and prepare surfaces
such as steel plates, steel pipe, concrete and asphalt.
To remove top layers
such as paint and epoxy.
To remove markings & rubber
from highways, runways, industrial floors and more.
To improve skid resistance
on surfaces such as sidewalks, bike paths, roads and runways.
To generate optical and aesthetics effects
on surfaces like roads, highways and runways.

Floor Shot Blaster 5


1.The AC inverted drive-motor for self-propelled operation features an integrated brake which helps maintain speed on ramps and inclines. This improves productivity and promotes a more even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile.
2.QS-FB Series movable floor shot blasting machine have highly visible and manageable controls with the drive control on the steering handle. The QS-FB Series all electrical components and panels are UL certified, part of the QINGGONGSITE commitment to safety protocol.
3.Easily maneuverable, self-propelled machine-forward and reverse.
4.Quickly-lift rear caster assembly for easier transporting, loading and unloading.

Technial Data

Floor Shot Blaster 6

Working video