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Floor shot blasting machines by QGMA can achieve a fine cleaning effect by throwing abrasive media by centrifugal force  towards road, floor, highway, airport runway and steel plates. A air wash separator will separate the dust and contaminants with abrasive media, then exhaust clean air by dust collector, which makes the whole operation almost dust-free.


Clean and prepare surface of asphalt road, concrete floor, steel plates.

Increase roughness for safety: curve way, high speed road, runway, etc.

Remove marks like painting, road marks, epoxy coating.

Clean tyre track on airport runway, highway, etc.

Improve appearance of all kinds of roads.

shot blaster effect

Key feature of floor shot blaster

1.Easy operate

Lightweight from 160 kg to 770 kg,

Machine minimum size 1300*400*900mm, flexible in small, middle and big spaces.

Drive control conveniently placed on handle. Easy to operate.

2.High productivity

Self-propelled design, forward and reverse available.

Blast covering width from 200 to 800, can clean 80 to 450 m²/hour.

Magnetic sweeper can quickly collect the lost steel shot

3.Durable, low maintenance design

High resistance liner for protecting inner surfaces of machine, ensures long life and saves maintenance cost.

Floor shot blaster is driven by the motor to produce centrifugal force and wind force in high-speed rotation.

The thrown projectiles can form a certain fan-shaped stream beam which can impact the working surface and play the role of clearing and strengthening.

Parameter List

No. model MAFS200 MAFS250 MAFS550 MAFS800
1 Effective blasting width(mm) 200 250 550 800
2 Production capacity(㎡/h) Up to 50 Up to 180 Up to 450 Up to 800
3 Number of wheels* power(kw) 7.5 7.5 2*11 2*15
4 Work speed(m/min) Up to 20 Up to 23 Up to 26 Up to 26
5 Dust hose connection(mm) φ150*20000 φ150*20000 Φ200*20000 Φ200*20000
6 Dust collector type DC-1300 DC-1300 DC-1300 DC-1330
7 Dimensions(mm) 1295*406*1193 1590*425*1020 1956*711*1397 2286*1188*1463

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