Hanger shot blasting machine as a standard model of the shot blasting cleaning machine, the working diameter from 900 to 1300 mm, height from 1300 to 2200 mm. The standard machine with 2-7 blast wheels and the biggest load of 10,000 kg, high production efficiency and flexible span.

Treated objects are hanged individually or in a cluster to the revolving hook and transported to the machine via I, Y conveyor. After the blasting program begins, the machine door is automatically closed and electro-pneumatically locked. As the work pieces rotate, they are blasted at blasting station according to the pre-set blasting times.

Revolving of treated objects in a jet of abrasive provides efficient treatment of less accessible parts of their surface. The machine’s housing is protected by wear-resistant manganese steel or entirely made of manganese steel and additional protection of the most exposed parts. High efficiency of the machine is provided by the system for continued returning and cleaning of the abrasive, along with efficiency turbines made from wear-resistant materials.The blasting abrasive is continuously cleaned, recirculated and reused.

Upon completion of the blasting cycle and after the turbines have come to a complete stop, the machine door opens automatically and the suspended work pieces return to their initial position.


Removal of mill and forge scale as well as rust
Removal of burrs and scales
Removal of moulding sand
Increase of surface roughness
Shot peening to increase fatigue strength

Hanger Shot Blasting Machine 6

Features and Benefits

★Blast cabinet use ZGMn13 steel guard plate, which is hard enough to deal with the shot blasting from 35HRC to more than 55HRC.
★Using cantilever centrifugal high efficiency blast wheel, can operate clockwise or counter-clockwise, optimum abrasive flow rate for faster cleaning.
★Shot blast wheel using direct drive blast wheel with special motor bearings means less spare parts, less noise, energy-efficient, large abrasive flow rate and good cleaning effect ,etc. Advantages.
★No-pit, save the construction cost of ground pit foundation

Technical Data

Hanger Shot Blasting Machine 7

Working video