Working process of through shot blasting machine:

Pass-through shot blasting machine is used for rust removal of castings, forgings and other workpieces. The workpiece cleaned by pass-through shot blasting machine ensures clean sand, no rust, scale, etc., makes the surface of the workpiece metallic, and exposes casting surface defects. To eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, the surface roughness is created by a shot blasting machine. Pass-through shot blasting machine can work continuously and uninterruptedly, and perform descaling, cleaning and pretreatment on all kinds of steel materials, such as steel plates, steels, steel beams, sections, steel pipes and cast steel parts, in a continuous way. The operation is simple, just load the steel material on the machine, press the start button, and after a short cycle, the system automatically unloads the processed material, which completes the entire cleaning process and removes all dust and residual pills. material.

Working principle of pass-through shot blasting machine:

Put the workpiece into the rubber crawler drum, the operator presses the “Run” button, the shot blasting chamber door is pneumatically closed, the shot blasting starts, the crawler moves forward, and the workpiece continuously rolls. Projected on the surface of the workpiece being rolled, the workpiece can be cleaned completely and evenly. The steel pellets flow into the screw conveyor through the slide holes on the track, and then the steel pellets are transferred to the bucket elevator, which is lifted to the separator by the bucket elevator, and is stored for use after being separated. After the shot blasting is completed, the door of the shot blasting chamber is automatically opened, the track is reversed, and the workpiece is unloaded.

The purpose is to cool the unopened casting to below 30 ° C and place it on a trolley. Use a shot blaster with high blasting speed to accelerate the projectile to a speed of about 80 meters per second. It is projected on the casting surface and cannot be cleaned. The inner cavity can be supplemented and cleaned with a spray gun. The cleaned core sand is regenerated by being struck by high-speed projectiles and then separated and removed by dust removal. It can still be used after magnetic separation. This machine is suitable for casting fallout cleaning and forgings, structural parts, heat treatment and strengthening under 5 tons.