Paver Blocks shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface roughening treatment of marbles, granites, concrete blocks. The working principle: different sized abrasive, thrown by the rapidly rotating blast wheel, is accelerated towards the Surface being prepared. Huge impact force of the abrasive quickly etches a Unique three-dimensional character of the surface. The products processed in this way have a high quality surface appearance without overlapped and dead zone, it also have high productivity efficiency and low cost. Comparison with the  old power blader and singeing process method, it have higher efficiency and lower cost, and if connected to our dust collector, the dust and contaminants will be recycled automatically at a very low dust emission level, which comply with EU environmental standards. It has a strong market competition and prospective application in stone industry.

Features and Benefits

★ The adjustable blast wheels provide a very uniform surface result, even at high speeds.
★ This is assured by smooth/stepless speed control, electro-pneumatic dosage regulation and optimal blast wheel positioning.
★ Furthermore, the use of hardened tool steel for the blast wheel wear parts assures a long service life.
★ Low product cost:under full loading, the cost is only 0.06-0.1 dollars/㎡.


Roller conveyor system for paves length ≥60cm

Paver Blocks Blasting Machine 5
Belt conveyor system for paves length ≤60cm

Paver Blocks Blasting Machine 6

Technical Data

Paver Blocks Blasting Machine 7

Working video

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