Rotary table shot blasting machine is a very simple and economical type to run. The doors open and several work pieces are then placed on the rotary table. The door closes and the work pieces are rotated into the blasting zone and then cleaned.In continuously operating rotary table blasting units, the work pieces are continuously blasted in the rear area of the rotating table. Loading and unloading take place in the front of the machine. Special vestibules seal the loading and unloading areas of the rotary table and prevent the escape of stray abrasive.
Rotary table shot blasting machine can remove the welding spatters and oxide layers from the surface consequently obtain a metallic luster with a fine and homogeneous finish. And also can eliminate weld stress, improve the fatigue resistance and increase the adhesion of paint film. And equipped with air blast machine to detailed blast, achieve complete blasting.


Rotary table shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning& strengthening surface of small batches, especially for collision-sensitive parts with flat thin wall of medium and small casting, forged piece, weldment. It could also be adopted for surface peening of gear, shaft, and spring as well as pull rod sintering piece.

Technical Data

Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine 5

Working video