Rotating drum shot blasting machine is a specialized internal geometry of the rotating barrel which features contoured ridges on the sides and a pyramid shaped bottom, which can be tumbled. The smooth, constant rotation of the drum makes the cleaning of the parts uniform. It is a drum built completely out of wear-resistant steel without joints, the drum can not only rotate ,but also up and down shake This design facilitates the multi tumbling action of the drum’s rotation that allows the barrel to topple and mix the workpieces. This action makes sure that the blast stream passes through all surface area, thus providing equal and constant blast results.

This machine is suitable for small and medium-size workpiece such as casting, forging, stamping parts, welding parts and heat treatment workpiece which are easy to roll and not afraid of the collision to clean residual adhering sand, rust, oxide mill, burr and so on.
The machines is controlled by PLC, with high level automation, reparation is convenience and can work with the single machine, also can with automatic line flowing water homework of kit.

Rotating drum system

The drum is manufactured in anti-wear steel with no joints. There are holes in the bottom of the drum, the size of the holes depends on the dimensions of the work pieces as well as on the graining and the quantity of the effluent abrasives.

Rotating Drum Shot Blasting Machine 5

Loading and loading system

After the blasting process the drum swings into the unloading position. The treated work pirces arrive on a screen conveying trough which separates the residual abrasive and transports the pieces to forthcoming boxes

Magnetic Separator

This machine use high Efficiency Magnetic Separator, to clean system abrasive continuously at rates exceeding 99.98% separation of sand / shot. This is accomplished, even with very high sand loadings, by incorporating two high performance custom magnetic drums to separate the metallic from the sand prior to any air-wash. Using magnetic separator can increase the life of spare part to 4-5 years.

Rotating Drum Shot Blasting Machine 6

Dust collector

Using cartridge filter dust collector,
The cartridge filter that produces the necessary pressure is fitted on top of the machines is situated next to the blasting machine for the bigger machines, dust collecting efficiency reach to 99.9%.

Working video

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