Rotating drum shot blasting machine 2

Rotating drum or barrel shot blasting machine is suitable to blast work-pieces in batch, the work-piece keep mixing and tunbling under abrasive stream while the drum keeps rotating and tilting. With the advantages of high efficiency, fine blasting coverage and thermal resistance, rotating drum shot blasting machine is welcomed by customers having high production output.
Automatic load tipper and unload are available for higher producing speed and lower labor cost, the ripping angle and tipping speed are according to sensitivity of customers’ work-pieces


  • Automative
  • Iron, steel and metal foundries
  • Heat treat operations
  • Small stamping parts manufacturers


  • Efficient and uniform blast cleaning effect
  • Thin and small special parts can also be processed
  • Simple and accurate input and discharge
  • Simple maintenance

Rotating Drum shot blasting machine blast effect

Key feature of rotating drum shot blasting machine

Blast turbine

☆Dynamic Simulation Design blast wheel
The liners form a round track for abrasive, which allows all abrasive leave the turbine when they reach the highest speed with the least internal bounce and self-wear. Can offer high blast speed and full abrasive cover.
The maximum thickness of blast wheel shell can reach 70mm, better sealing effect, long service time.
The interior of the blasting wheel is turbo type, abrasive will not not stay in the distributor. Abrasive utilization rate increased to 99%, improve efficiency by 30%.
Blast wheel bottom has cushioning rubber, which can reduce vibration.
☆Blade & Impeller
The material of impeller is 40CrMnMo, the material of blade is high chorme wear-resistant casting iron, the hradness can reach HRC60-65.

Rotating Drum System

Rotating drum☆The drum is manufactured in anti-wear steel with no joints. There are holes in the bottom of the drum, the size of the holes depends on the dimensions of the work pieces as well as on the graining and the quantity of the effluent abrasives.
☆The smooth, constant rotation of the drum makes the cleaning of the parts uniform.
☆The drum can not only rotate ,but also up and down shake.
☆The machine with loading and unloading system. After the blasting process the drum swings into the unloading position. The treated work pieces arrive on a screen conveying trough which separates the residual abrasive and transports the pieces to forthcoming boxes.

Dust collectordust collector 232

☆Level-1 Dust Collecting: a gravity settling box above inlet/outlet chamber will make the abrasive shot in airflow drop back to chamber, so the dust collecting filter will not be damaged by abrasive shot, can a chieve a longer service time.
☆Level-2 Dust Collecting: Cyclone dust collector have 2 collection poits for dust and debris, primary collection point is for heavier chips and debris, while the second point is for finer particulate matter. Cyclone dust collector use a centrifual force for separation. Then airflow transition into downward spiral and forces the bigger contaminants into first collecting point, then the smaller contaminants into the second point.
☆Level-3 Dust Collecting: high filtering areage cartridge type or venturi design bag type filter can offer a long service time high filterability effect, the final cleaning efficiency is upto 99%.

Electric Control Panel

electric control panel☆Intelligent Control System:
Full auto/manual control system
☆Safety System:
System emergency power off when gate/window open
☆Fault Alarm:
System alarm when fault happens
☆Brand choose
PLC: Siemens/ Omron
Touch screen: Siemens/ Weinview
Electric elements: Schneider/ Siemens

Standard Configuration

No Model Standard Configuration Optional
1 Control panel Radiator fan Air conditioner
2 PLC Siemens OMRON
3 Touch screen Siemens Weinview
4 Electric elements Schneider SIMENS
5 Frequency converter Delta OMRON;Mitsubishi; other brand
6 Proximity switch OMRON

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