Sandblasting booth designed to meet specific process requirements and design of special equipment. By blasting can remove surface dirt complexity, scale, welding slag, waste paint, etc., so that the surface smooth, while reducing stress within the workpiece, the workpiece surface to be strengthened so as to improve the quality of surface and internal purposes.

This equipment adopts manual shot peening, after removing surface rust, surface finish and roughness of the cleaning workpiece in accordance with the relevant standards. Removal of complex workpiece surface dirt, scale, welding slag, waste paint, etc., make the workpiece surface bright and clean, also can reduce internal stress of workpiece, the workpiece surface strengthened in order to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the paint.

This machine is a special flat car reciprocating blasting machine, which consists of blasting chamber body, trolley systems, shot peening, spiral conveyors, elevators, separators, projectile control systems, lighting systems, dust removal system, electric control system system components


Equipped with efficient dust removal units, dust in the sand blasting room is under negative pressure without leakage, which greatly changes the pollution of the environment. The room is bright, comfortable, high visibility and low dust content, which greatly improves working conditions and ensures workers’ working hygiene. It does not need deep pits, saves capital construction costs, and is very convenient for migration. The working method is flexible and the process parameters are variable. It can be applied to the processing requirements of different materials and parts with different precision. The whole sand absorption floor can quickly recover the sand material, and the ground has no residue, so as to ensure the indoor cleaning without manual cleaning and save labor cost.