QGMA blasting room are suit our customer’needs. For over forty years, QGMA has been designing and manufacturing Blast Rooms from mild steel panels. Our panle design has proven to be strong, cost effective and easy to install.

In recent years, QGMA has reacted to the market’s request for Blast Rooms fabricated from other material. Concrete tilt-up panels, sandwich panels and welded plates have been used to meet our customer’s requirements.

For aded longevity, QGMA have included wall linings to protect the structure from blast media, including pvc, polyurea and rubber.

Industries that require this process include:

  • Steel Fabricators
  • Construction Equipment
  • Railcars
  • Steel Tanks
  • Trailers
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Ship Building

Environmentally Safe

Air-blasting eliminates many of the environmental problems and costs associated with chemical stripping because you do not have to manage or dispose of hazardous liquids.

QGMA blast room provides even greater potential for improving safety and reducing operating costs when you are cleaning, finishing or surface-profiling large work pieces. With the process contained in a specially designed enclosure, blast media and debris are isolated from the external environment. And the operator, equipped with QGMA safety gear, is fully protected.